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My smartphone battery drains rapidly...

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    My Huawei Y6 2 With a 5.5" HD LCD screen has a Kirin 620 CPU with 2gb RAM and 3000 mili ampear battery. The battery percentage dropped from 80% to 50% after 2 HOURS and 18 minutes of web browsing on chrome. Is this unusual? The phone is very new, bought it last month brand new. Please help. The connection I used was 3g (hspa +), and the signal was average.
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    That seems pretty normal. A full charge would last about 7 hours.

    The battery is fairly small at 3 amp hours.

    There are ways to improve this, though.

    Use a WiFi connection. The phone transmitter uses a lot of power, so turning it off should help the battery.

    Turn down the screen brightness. This should help, too.

    Get an app called 360 Security. This lets you turn off other apps running in the background and will be adding to the current drawn. It also cleans up junk files. And viruses.
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    Thank you so much for dropping my fear about a battery defect. Well I have been using 360 security. I charged the battery 100% and watched a movie for an hour and the battery dropped down to 90%. Hope it's normal right? (I was using ear buds)
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    That percentage is a bit of a guess, but if you can believe it, that would be about 10 hours of lifetime. Pretty good.

    A phone probably wouldn't be used to watch movies very often. Used as a phone, it might last a few days.

    Nice phone. What do you think of the sound and picture quality?
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    It's about what I get.

    I believe Chrome has been improved in this regard so perhaps make sure it's latest version.
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    Well, you know it's not a flagship. But for the price, I'm really impressed. The sound quality is good. Even the phone speaker is better than the rival phones of the same price. The display too is good for the price, even though I'd be pleased with fhd resolution. How ever the saturation of colors is great(for the price of the phone). The maximum brightness is a little law. I paid about $180 for the phone with 2 year warranty.
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    It's the latest version. How ever still it's the app that consumes the maximum percentage of battery life on my phone.
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    OK. Thanks
    Sounds good.
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    Thanks. Bye.
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    Chrome recently got substantially worse for me. It appears that now it will run and burn battery in the background and it didn't used to do that.
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    If your phone is Android, try the 360Security app. It is free on the play store.

    It has a section for cooling down the battery which goes through and turns off apps that are not being used.

    Also, in Settings- storage-cached data, you can turn off all caches at once and gain a lot of spare memory sometimes.
    Seems harmless and works well. (On Android 5.1 here).

    If only one program is misbehaving, you can force it to stop or you can load a factory version.

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    There are very many possible causes for your problems. I think you should google your symptoms and read the advice given to others. I also think that smartphone forums will get you more specific advice than PF.
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