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My way to be a cad drafter which are the best ways?

  1. Oct 31, 2014 #1
    Dear Community,
    am 24 and currently not occupationally active. Was in Austria HTL MÖDLING: Department of Industrial Engineering. However, the last year not completed, as 19 year old teenager I could have interested me more for something else. But yet got jobs but in the field of technical sales experience: 3 years- have before next full-time job, FH Wirtschaftsing. f. to make working. By writing a university entrance exam I will do this yet.

    But what am currently very tingles the construct or design of certain mechanical components with Inventor. The school has always interested me.

    http://htl.moedling.at/5510.0.html [Broken]

    (that was my school)

    I would like to ask how your opinions are this. I just currently developed in the communication area that I usually leave a sympathetic and professional impression on job interviews (this is me often given as feedback)

    This I would like to combine, I think that I can use these two skills well. I'm draufgekommen that already design plans can be converted to 3D without problems.

    Just know what impression did not get your me but unfortunately I bn with no experience and would like to make my own business, perhaps the way to the top.

    I have also considered the following to write design offices. I am also aware that I first had experiences need to make my own business.

    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

    Your company is a reputable company that adds works on qualitative design in almost all fields.

    For a few months, I have a tingling desire for development of my knowledge, namely my passion with Autodesk Inventor 2015. Each time I would be willing to deepen my knowledge with your projects. An employee within the meaning of "learning by doing" is interested in your company and am very would be a great challenge for me.

    Therefore, I am convinced that I can make a significant contribution to the implementation of a project and thus a further development of your business with my previous knowledge and experience.

    To put it in a nutshell: I want as professionals, or minor employee or freelance employees, expand their business in my knowledge. This I would like to initially get through small projects in free experience.

    I would be happy to cooperate with you very much.

    sincerely yours


    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

    could not sleep for some reason, I would be happy therefore any feedback.
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    I would not recommend sending that to prospective employers. It makes very little sense and reads more like a scam email than an honest attempt at employment. I suggest applying in your native language until your English is up to par. Good luck job hunting.
  4. Nov 4, 2014 #3
    Abort all use of English, stick to German. You used google translator didn't you?

    Just get a bachelor's in mechanical engineering at a fachhochschule, IF you like mechanics of course!
    If you just want to use the computer and draw stuff, it's not for you.

    To be honest, to just do cad drafting, there might even be a vocational secondary education that teaches you that. I don't know how it is in Austria though.
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