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Names of windows application for math or physics

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    I don`t know where to post this , i hope this is the right place.
    Colud you give me the names of windows application for math or physics.*i want just the names) , and a app to solve integrals.
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    Re: Applications?

    Well, I think there is a respectable number of online applications (specially physics applets, numerical integrators etc.), try to do some browsing.

    When talking about products, Wolfram's Mathematica is more than a great tool for more or less everything regarding math.
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    Re: Applications?

    matlab, mathcad, maxima(open source), mathematica, and matlab alike open source app?
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    Re: Applications?

    What about my specific request. That about integrals.?
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    Re: Applications?


    what level? high school, undergrad, grad?
    see above site for high school level simple integration problems..
    I am sure that all those applications I listed are good for undergrad level. But, I cannot say anything about +grad level ...

    In my opinion, you are not specific about what you want to solve.
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    Re: Applications?

    I would like something that works offline.
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    Re: Applications?

    Well, you've already been given the names of five or six such applications so why don't you take a look at them and see which tickle your fancy.
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    Re: Applications?

    Ok thank you all i tried maple its solves integrals.
    Anyway its not the same os solving it yourself.
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