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Nasa, Ares and the gratuitous Monty Python joke

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    Nasa is facing more problems with it's Shuttle replacement. following Ares-I being too small to lift anything the Ares-V looks like it is too heavy for the road to the launchpad.

    There is a concern that a collapsing roadway might cause the Ares to - fall over burn down and then sink into the swamp.
    (And they said I were mad to build a space centre on a swamp.....)
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    Obviously time to get the ouija board out to consult dear old Wernher...

    Pity they destroyed the designs for the Saturn V back in the 70s...

    "Oh, we'll never need those ever again"...:rofl:
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    :biggrin: It is an ex-rocket! :biggrin:

    Ay'up mgb_phys! :smile:

    Swamp? :approve: That were luxury!:rolleyes:

    We 'ad to build our space centre inside a collapsed mine-shaft three miles under t'North Sea! o:)
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    This thread should be renamed "Nasa, Ares, and the gratuitous use of duct tape."
    Seriously though, the only reason they got rid of the Saturn V rockets was they weren't expensive enough. Oh and they wouldn't carry military satellites back down to earth.

    Only the government could make something reusable much more expensive than something disposable.
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    Things that are reusable normally are more expensive than disposable ones. :wink:

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    Yes, the trick with the shuttle was making each reuse cost more than a disposable one!
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    FYI -


    Division on Engineering and Physical Science
    Space - Reports and Report Summaries

    Perhaps the final report was just released.
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    I found nothing gratuitous about that. It pertained to the topic and it was damned funny.

    ....But the 4th rocket...
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