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National vs. international conference

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    Hi. This isn't really a technical question, but here it goes. I'm filling out an application, and I have to indicate whether the conferences I have attended are institutional, national, or international. How do you distinguish these? From what I can tell, almost all conferences allow international participants, but does that mean that they are all international conferences? Or does it matter "where" the conference is held year-to-year.? How do you know. I tried searching the conference websites, but they don't really state whether the conference is national or international, unless it's right in the title of the conference.

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    I'm not sure the lines are all that clear. Generally you would define this by the geographical distribution of the abstracts. Institutional-level conferences would be things like a physics department expo, or a graduate studies fair. An example of a national conference might be something like the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference - because the vast majority of people presenting will be from a single country (although there may be some international submissions). Otherwise, if you have contributions and guest speakers from all over the world, or even just a few countries, it's international.
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