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Nature of the force between 2 protons when sharing an electron.

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    Hi :)

    In this lecture (), susskind talks about attractive the force between two protons due to them sharing an electron and tunelling etc. He also describes how the electromagnetic force overwhelms this force when the protons are far apart.

    What is the name of this force? And why do I keep thinking that it's none of the fundamental forces?
    So what's the nature for this force in terms of the 4? Or what? :)

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    Proton-motive force, I believe is the name.
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    I haven't watched the lecture, but the only relevant force is the electromagnetic force. Two protons can be bound together by sharing an electron because the negatively charged electron spends a lot of time in between the two positively charged protons. Each proton is (electrically) attracted to the electron, and this overcomes the electric repulsion between the two positively charged protons.
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    Ok thanks :) Makes sense now.
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