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Trieste QG-testing conference starts 11 June

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    Here is the program of talks.
    http://www.sissa.it/app/QGconference/program.htm [Broken]

    The homepage does not have a link to the program, that I could find.
    But it has some interesting additional information.
    Central theme is QG phenomenology, that is: studying ways to test the different QG models.
    http://www.sissa.it/app/QGconference/home.php [Broken]

    Laurent Freidel is one of the scientific advisory board for the conference, also Ted Jacobson
    Here is a small sampling from the program (not a large enough sample to suggest the scope)


    Effective field theories with Lorentz violation: Current limits and open questions

    What the Pierre Auger Observatory can and cannot tell about Quantum Gravity Phenomenology: spectrum, composition and origin of the highest energy Cosmic Rays

    Loop Quantum Gravity and Effective Theory


    LIV limits from GRBs
    A perspective on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology


    Dumb holes

    Emergent physics: general principles and applications


    Recent Gravitational Experiments and their Implications for Particle Physics


    Observables of Quantum Gravity at the LHC

    The seeds of cosmic structure as a door to Quantum Gravity Phenomena


    Searching for Quantum Gravity with Neutrino Telescopes

    Scalar field on kappa-Minkowski space, star product, and the issue of Lorentz invariance

    Inflation in Quantum Loop Cosmology
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    Bee Hossenfelder (sometimes poster at PF, and blogger) will give an invited plenary talk at Trieste on Thursday, and then will almost immediately fly off to Mexico to give another invited talk on QG phenomenology at the Morelia Loops '07 conference, which starts the 25 June.

    QG-wise it turns out to be a busy year.
    There will also be a substantial QG presence at the GRG 18 in Sydney, in July.
    That is the triannual General Relativity and Gravitation conference---where Laurent Freidel and Renate Loll will give plenary talks on developments in nonstring QG.
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    The Trieste conference on Quantum Gravity: Theory and Phenomenology
    started today.

    Francesca is probably there.

    Trieste has a european "institute for advanced study" called SISSA
    I think the last two words in the acronym may be "studii avanzati"
    I have to go, no time to check this. But maybe we will hear about it.
    Lot of good people talking.
    Kowalski-Glikman and many more
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    Here is a better link to the homepage, it has a sidebar menu with several things of interest:
    http://www.sissa.it/app/QGconference/ [Broken]
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    my review

    Sissa (International School for Advanced Studies) is in a beautiful place: there is the caste with his garden, the seaside with some restaurants and if you have a rest during or after your work, you can take a bath. But mainly Sissa constitutes a whole big institute with the "www.ictp.trieste.it/"[/URL], what a good place for a theoretician ;-)

    The key words of the conference cold be [B]emergence, effective theory, Lorentz violation, analog models[/B]. I enjoyed the theoretical talks given by Bojowald, Oriti, Markopoulou, Kowalski-Glikman... but this is my mind shape, otherwise I was surprised that they just present a formalism (someone more, someone less) with the least effort to think about phenomenology... ok, it's not simple, or if you want is not yet possible, but I thought it was the aim of the workshop... and otherwise if you are too technical you could be not able to interest experimentalists. Even if it wasn't my favourite one, in my opinion the Capozziello's talk was well centered.
    A whole day was totally dedicated to analog models: they are of great interest but I don't know enough about them so I can't say what is really valid.
    My favourite speaker of this conference was Hu, he gave a talk without formulas but with a lot of suggestions: I think it's good if your audience doesn't know the technical side of you work, you have just to attract them.
    Ted Jacobson was the most active participant, he kept on giving smart question to every kind of speaker, both experimentalist and theoretician. His talk was about "The status of Einstein-aether Theory". The organizers charged him with resuming some highlights. First he mentioned all the experiments showed in the previous day: IceCube, Pierre Auger, Glast... and he gave thanks to the experimentalists for having listened what could be the future of the theory side. Then he listed some talks by:
    [*]Dave Mattingly
    [*]Cliff Burgess
    [*]Fotini Markopoulou
    [*]Tsvi Piran
    [*]William Unruh
    [*]Ralf Schützhold
    [*]Grigory Volovik
    [*]Alexander Vikman
    All the talks have been filmed, so I think that they could be available soon on the conference web page, [PLAIN]http://www.sissa.it/app/QGconference/talks/friday/triesteQG_june07.ppt" [Broken].
    I think you could like to see some http://picasaweb.google.it/kecchina/WorkshopTrieste" [Broken] I took in Trieste.
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