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Need a good Textbook with full solutions QFT and GR

  1. Apr 18, 2014 #1
    Hi guys I need a good introductory Textbook with full solutions on Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity
    I am an upper level undergraduate. Please pick ones that have solution thanks.
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    You're not going to find such a book for GR or QFT, sorry bud.
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    @WannabeNewton are there any textbooks with solutions ?
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    Sure but they will be problem books, not books from which you learn basic material. What you can do is buy a problem book in GR and/or QFT on top of pedagogical texts on the subjects and use them in conjunction.

    For example my most favorite GR problem book is: https://www.amazon.com/Problem-Book-Relativity-Gravitation-Lightman/dp/069108162X

    As an aside, you shouldn't put the constraint of full solutions on textbooks in subjects like GR or QFT. This dramatically constrains your choices to basically nil. It's better to work the problems in the text on your own and ask your professor or post on a forum (e.g. this one) in order to get help on problems whenever you get stuck.
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    Let me just mention that a fair number of the problems in Lightman et al. (the problem book linked above) tend to be very difficult so you certainly don't want to be attempting these problems until you've gotten comfortable with the problems in an introductory GR text (the best of which is unequivocally Hartle).
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    Well for undergraduate there are two options for QFT.

    1. Atkinson's four volumes of QM and QFT with solutions.

    2. Maggiore's textbook.
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    There's A General Relativity Workbook
    by Thomas A. Moore, which is more basic than Lightman et al, but does not have solutions.
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