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Need advice on Numerical Methods Book

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    I need 1 of the following 2 Numerical Methods books.

    Can anyone advice me which one do you think is best?

    Numerical Methods for Engineering Application, 2E
    Joel H. Ferziger
    ISBN 0471116211
    John Wiley & Sons

    Numerical Methods, 3E
    J. Douglas Faires, Richard L. Burden
    ISBN 0534407617
    Brooks Cole

    Many thanks
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    I have used Faires and Burden and it is good. I don't know the other book but I notice "for Engineering Application" in the title. That, I suspect, will not have the theory that Faires and Burden does but more applications.
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    Correct. I have the book and it is more of a summary of techniques that points to other sources for details. I like it because I took a class in Numerical Methods from Ferziger and the notes he used in the class were the basis for his book.
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