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Need a list of good books from general to specialized topics

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    need a list of books for general reference for the future. currently a master level engineering student, I went through undergrad with some confusing books and I want to acquire some modern books on individual topics that are well received.

    for specialized topics, I am in need of introductory or general approach books into these topics. I paid a trip to libraries and most of the books I found either require a lot of previous knowledge or are too old for current generation to understand.

    here are a list of topics I am looking for

    I think there's a good list of common recommendations and if you have it please post it here thanks.

    continuum mechanics
    fluid mechanics
    computational mechanics

    numerical methods
    finite element
    smooth particle hydrodynamics

    general college materials for personal references
    general physics 1st year

    numerical analysis
    linear algebra
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    bump, just looking for a list of reference books
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    For Fluid Mechanics I recommend Cengel, Cimbala, a good introductory book.

    If you need something more "hardcore", then Batchelor's Introduction to Fluid Dynamics is your book. I would buy this book for future reference, because price is acceptable and it is considered "the bible" of fluids. I don't really understand how that book can be named "an introduction", cause it's far from just an introduction...

    Should you need a book on fluid mechanics applied to compressible flow, then I strongly recommend Anderson's Modern Compressible Flow and Shapiro's Dynamics on Compressible Fluid Flow

    I disrecommend White's Fluid Mechanics for being way too basic.

    For Continuum Mechanics, well, I know this "Handbook of Continuum Mechanics" from the french Ecole Polytechnique. Excellent book, but I advise you that it's really "hardcore", and given the price (more than 300$) I wouldn't buy it unless I had to became a real expert on the topic.

    For general physics, of course, "The Feynman Lectures on Physics". Also the "Berkeley Physics Course".

    Linear Algebra -> "Hoffman, Kunze" or "Strang"

    Calculus -> Knowing you are a graduate student (you already dealt with calculus some years ago) I recommend you go for the classic ones: Spivak and Apostol.
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