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Need an engineer's perspective on a college essay

  1. Dec 31, 2012 #1
    Hello! I am new to the forums! (Love the F=MA and P=MV questions that they ask you when registering!)

    I need some feedback on an essay that I am writing for the UVa supplement. Would someone be willing to help?

    The prompt is- If you were given funding for a small engineering project, what would you do?

    Post here and I will email or PM it to you.
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  3. Dec 31, 2012 #2
    I am electrical and electronics engineer, and i would suggest a project used in the industry in such case there will be a lot of applications where your product will be used in.
    Maybe you can start with small products like 3 phase relay, single phase relay up to more complex like soft starters for motors.
  4. Dec 31, 2012 #3
    I am sorry if I was vague in my original post. I am a senior in high school and applying to the undergraduate engineering department at University of Virginia.

    I already have an idea and an essay written. I just need someone to check to see if what I have is fundamentally correct.

    Sorry I can't post my essay here but I can PM or email it to anyone who is willing to help.
  5. Dec 31, 2012 #4
    I'll take a look. I'm a ChemE Senior at an engineering school
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