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Need Big Bang Theory Evidence for a school debate.

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    Need this for a school project ASAP.
    I am looking for information that prooves parts of the the big bang theory were real. If possible I will need sources for this. I am giving a debate on wheather or not it is real. I am the pro side. Help much appreciated, thanks.
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    If we knew the level of understanding of your audience or debatants (Is there such a word) we might be able to give some more focused help.
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    There are three major pieces of evidence in favor of the big bang: 1) the presence of the cosmic microwave background 2) the nucleosynthesis of the light elements and 3) the Hubble expansion.
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    Why is this being debated in the first place? I'd hate to be the people on the other side of the table!
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    Haha, seconded. I suppose the most you could do is point out that one can't disprove "last thursdayism", which would appear to be the only other option with any sanity to it (if you can call it that...)
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    I really hate the idea of debates in school. You tell students to debate things far beyond their comprehension and the ones who "win" are the ones who just happen to have memorized the correct rebuttals when the time comes to debate.
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    If the debate hasnt already happened then I think an important point is that the CMB is a black body spectrum. Only the big bang predicts this as far as Im aware. But be careful by what you mean by the big bang. Read this essay for more:
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    The edge of the observable universe is certainly an indication that there was a beginning. Also models that utilize the big bang have been able to accurately predict many different ways that stars, galaxies, solar systems, and elements heavier than iron form. It's almost like evolution. How exactly it started no one is sure, but it fits in every single situation where it is applied.

    For your debate, all of the work is in front of your opponent. There is a massive amount of evidence for the Big Bang, so for him to win, he would need to not only point out where the Big Bang fails as a model, but present his own model that fits where the Big Bang does not. Pointing out that something does not work perfectly is not sufficient to say something didn't happen, you also have to present a better argument for what actually did happen. The only place where anyone could lose that debate is in the Bible Belt.
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    You forgot General Relativity!
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    The OP never came back so I think it's safe to assume that he/she doesn't need us any more.
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