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Need exercises for calculus

  1. Aug 20, 2012 #1
    Hi everyone.

    We will have a tough exam for multivariable calculus which contains subjects like series, vectors, partial differentiation, multiple integration.

    Im currently studying on Stewart's Calculus and Adams Calculus: A complete course but im not sure the problems in these books are hard enough for the exam.

    So i need a good book or website that has some good, challenging exercises about these subjects.

    Thanks for your advice.
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  3. Aug 20, 2012 #2
    http://www.math.caltech.edu/~2011-12/3term/ma001c-pr/index.html#hw [Broken]

    http://www.math.caltech.edu/~2011-12/1term/ma001a/#hw [Broken]

    http://www.its.caltech.edu/~padraic/math1d_2012/math1d_2012.html [Broken]

    Those are three course websites from Caltech on single/multivariable calculus, multivariable/linear and a course on series. If you go through the homeworks, you should find challenging problems. Granted, not all the homework problems will be useful but there are some very good and challenging problems in there.

    I don't know any intro books myself that have more challenging problems.
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