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Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness.It is performed for various reasons, to aid growth and improve strength, preventing aging, developing muscles and the cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance, improving health and also for enjoyment. Many individuals choose to exercise outdoors where they can congregate in groups, socialize, and enhance well-being.In terms of health benefits, the amount of recommended exercise depends upon the goal, the type of exercise, and the age of the person. Even doing a small amount of exercise is healthier than doing none.

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  1. shivajikobardan

    I finished a 50 hr C++ course, what next?

    I am still not confident with C++ I don't think I should yet go to Data Structures and Algorithms yet because I am not very comfortable with C++. I want a book that covers problems that require Object Oriented Programming to solve problems. It should have lots of such exercises. Is there such a...
  2. suh112

    Problem involving Torque and a Derrick from Feynman Exercises

    I attempted to solve this problem by considering the torque caused by the perpendicular components of the tension and weight with respect to the derrick. $$ Tcos\theta x = Wsin\theta L$$ $$T = \frac L x Wtan\theta$$ Using the principle of virtual work I also arrived at the same answer by...
  3. robertphy

    Make a test based on online available exercises (looking for websites)

    Hi, a teacher and I have been looking for websites to take Math/Physics exercises from, put them together as a test, print it and pass it to students. I know there are many websites that give you tools to write your own exercises (mainly many LMSes). But we'd like to pick exercises already...
  4. TGV320

    Studying How many exercises should I do after each math lecture? (Calc 1/2)

    Hello, I am currently self studying MIT 18.01 in my technical college, having just finished watching the 3rd lecture. I do my best doing the assignments and pre-reading of every lecture. I find the lectures by professor Jerison to be really rich and intuitive, and I write down loads of notes...
  5. The Bill

    Analysis Resource(s) for introduction to spherical harmonics with exercises?

    What combination of resources can you recommend for introducing people to spherical harmonics? Assume that the audience has the mathematical maturity of first-year grad students in mathematics, and will want a decent introduction to the theory and constructions. But also assume that this is part...
  6. S

    Books/resources for exercises on tensors and multilinear algebra

    I'm self-studying tensors from a book that doesn't have exercises. The book is Semi-Riemannian Geometry by Newman. To get a better feel for index manipulation, tensor results and calculations, I'm looking for a book that has many exercises in these topics. I'd be grateful if those knowledgeable...
  7. I

    Looking for programming exercises for OOP in Python

    Hello I learned object oriented programming in Python from a book. But it does not have any programming exercises. I do not learn very much unless I do some programming exercises. It helps to hone the skills. So, I am looking for some exercises if OOP Python is taught in universities. Usually...
  8. S

    Relativity Math of GR Exercises from Spacetime & Geometry by Sean Carroll

    I have been reading the book Spacetime and Geometry by Sean Carroll, especially Ch. 2 Manifolds and Ch. 3 Curvature. I'm just wondering are there any lecture notes or books with lots of practice problems (with solutions or at least answers the better) that is suitable for physicist? To give an...
  9. S

    Quantum Open Quantum Systems textbooks with exercises?

    The standard reference for open quantum systems is The Theory of Open Quantum Systems by Breuer and Petruccione, which seems well-written but it lacks exercises, as do all the other textbooks I googled. Does someone have a recommendation for a textbook on open quantum systems with problems to...
  10. T

    Brain health/brain exercises? (part 2) Moved

    What parts of the brain and/or mind do you use and/or stimulate when doing these activities? If you know. 1. rubix cube? 2.indian finger touching.? 3.playing minecraft.? 4. playing the classic pc game exiled?. 5. playing tetris?. 6 interpreting irrationality or irrational language?. 7.drawing or...
  11. P

    Looking for Linear Motor Exercises

    Homework Statement:: Hi, I'm looking for an exercise involving a linear motor, but on my physics book there are none Relevant Equations:: Lenz Law, Maxwell's equation Hi, everyone I'm looking for an exercise involving a linear motor, but on my physics book there are none. Do you happen to...
  12. C

    Triangle problem from Feynman's exercises

    I'm confused about it is not clearly given in task that all the little changes Δ are approaching 0. Especially that Feynman does not mention limits in chapter exercise is for. He is using relatively big values as a little changes (like 4cm). Let's assume that Δ means value is approaching 0...
  13. M

    Find Your Ideal Physics Textbook: Exercises Included

    Hi Does anyone know a book of general physics (which covers the subjects of physics as a whole) with complete exercises?
  14. Eclair_de_XII

    LaTeX Is there a good compendium of LaTeX exercises?

    Do people who learn LaTeX just practice it on their undergraduate assignments or something?
  15. T

    What brain exercises improve brain functions based on facts

    Hi, there. I couldn't find much information about this on the net so I came here to ask if anyone here knows as I thought it would be the right forum or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough. Please not that I don't mean skills but rather what actually works that improves brain functions like...
  16. J

    Chemistry Undergraduate-level text on batteries and battery management (with exercises)

    Is there such a thing? Or, alternately, am I just better off with an echem and/or physical chemistry book? Thanks Joe
  17. A

    2 Exercises with Forces -- dogs pulling a sled

    Hello ! we have recently been given the exercice stated above, along with a diagram that i inserted as a picture.The problem i have with this exercice is that i am not quite sure whether my idea about how to do it was right. I was thinking about replacing the normal force (N) in the F= mu x N...
  18. new90

    2.5 Exercises of Feyman lectures on Physics

    I think that the W should be 3kg to be in equilibrium but in the book it said that id 3/√(2 I don't why
  19. new90

    2.3 Exercises from the Feyman Lectures on Physics

    i don't know what's the answer but I think that the force needs to be gravity because is going down to the floor
  20. new90

    Exercises for Feyman Lectures on Physics

    Whats a effective target area?
  21. Avatrin

    3D geometry exercises with linear algebra

    Hi I have noticed that while I have the grasp of the theoretical underpinnings of linear algebra, I need work on applying it to geometric problems (think computer vision and rigid body motion). So, I am looking for a book that allows me to practice 3D geometry problems. Is there any obvious...
  22. Trentium

    Any prerequisites for the exercises for Feynman's lectures?

    Summary:: I am mostly just being confused on the exercises for the feynman lectures on physics. So I've been reading feynman's lectures on physics, and I also attempted the problems on the "exercises for the feynman lectures on physics". However, I have gotten almost every single problem...
  23. I

    Classical Overwhelmed by the exercises in Kleppner and Kolenkow

    There are a great number of problems found in An Introduction to Mechanics and as some of you already know they can be very difficult. Due to time constraints I cannot tackle all of them nor do I wish to. Could someone please point me to a small set of comprehensive problems? Perhaps from a...
  24. N

    Anybody have any recommendations for physics workbooks?

    I am studying physics off of Khan Academy by myself and I find they are a bit light on the exercises I'd love some physics workbooks that cover up to high school graduate difficulty. That you very much. Online resources etc appreciated too, just problems thank you.
  25. S

    Correlating pka and pH with ionic forms (exercises)

    I have the following molecule: benzotriazole. It has pka=12. At pH=6 which form prevails? a) neutral b) anionic c) cationic d) none of the above. I thought the correct answer was c) cationic: pH<pka, benzotriazole has basic functional groups (amines).
  26. V

    Studying materials for basics physics: exercises, not theory

    Not sure if this thread belongs in this section. I was thinking who could give a better advice than the teachers themselves? Please do move the thread if it does not belong here. Thank you. I am first year non-physics student. I kind of never had any experience with physics. I have about 3...
  27. Aleoa

    Puzzles and exercises to improve mathematical and spatial intelligence

    In your childhood or adolescence, or maybe as an adult, have there been types of exercises or puzzles that you think have improved your mathematical intelligence and in particular the spatial thinking? If yes, which ones?
  28. JD_PM

    I Nuclear physics exercises translation from Dutch to English

    Google translator does not really help me translating these exercises. May you help me out? If this is not the site I should I ask for translation of physics texts, may you tell me where should I ask for that?
  29. T

    Maximizing Brain Health: Effective Exercises for Memory and Mental Fitness

    Hi, I am wondering if there is any brain exercises(possibly free) to do to make my brain more mentally fit and as best as it can be for myself. I want to exersize everything or all areas, making my brain balanced in every erea, specifically to improve memory and/or shot term memory to start...
  30. I

    [Linear Algebra] Help with Linear Transformation exercises

    Homework Statement 1. (a) Prove that the following is a linear transformation: ##\text{T} : \mathbb k[X]_n \rightarrow \mathbb k[X]_{n+1}## ##\text{T}(a_0 + a_1X + \ldots + a_nX^n) = a_0X + \frac{a_1}{2}X^2 + \ldots + \frac{a_n}{n+1}## ##\text{Find}## ##\text{Ker}(T)## and ##\text{Im}(T)##...
  31. A

    Feynman Exercises 19-1: Metal rod framework being pulled in while spinning

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution The moment of inertia before collapse is for each rod: BEFORE COLLAPSE:[/B] Ib = ∫(L2 + x2) dm = m/L ∫(L2 + x2) dx = 4/3 * m * L2 We have 8 of these plus the inertia of the mechanism, giving a total I, It = 8 * Ib + Ik =...
  32. A

    A lot of exercises to understand topics (Math)

    Hello, I have a few free days next week where I want to review the topics from this semester and would like people's opinions on how to go about really getting the most out of my free time. I am currently taking math classes from the math department and am wondering, should I focus on doing as...
  33. S

    Other Exercises with solutions in Radiation Dosimetry

    Could anyone recommend a textbook or a pdf available free online, which has exercises with solutions in Radiation Dosimetry? Thanks in advance
  34. T

    Two Limit exercises of functions of two variables.

    (I) Find the limit (x,y)->(0,0) of F, then prove it by definition. (II) Find the limit and prove it by definition of: as (x,y) approach (C,0), C different from zero. I have previously asked it on Quora, but it doesn't appear to have answers any...
  35. R

    Classical Mechanics Exercises from MIT: Solutions Included

    Can someone give me the link to MIT exercises of classical mechanics, please? I found a lot of links, but I can’t find exercises and the solutions also. Thank you very much!
  36. R

    Classical Books with exercises on Classical Mechanics (Introductory)

    I need a book with exercises, to try to excel my next classical mechanics, I really to get a good grade. Thank you very much!
  37. Velo

    MHB Can't understand/solve Taylor exercises.

    So, the information they give me is the following: $(1) f \in {C}^{3}({\rm I\!R})$ $(2) f(x) = 5 -2(x+2) - (x+2)^2 + (x+2)^3 + R3(x+2)$ $(3) \lim_{{x}\to{-2}} \frac{R3(x+2)}{(x+2)^3}=0$ And they ask me for the equation of the tangent line... Which would be simple if that R3 wasn't there...
  38. CalebB-M

    Feynman Lectures exercises problem 1.9

    Homework Statement The density of air is given as .001g/cm^-3 and the density of liquid air 1g/cm^-3 A.) Estimate the number of air molecules per cm^3 B.) Estimate the Mass of a single molecule. C.) Estimate the average distance L an air molecule should travel between collisions at normal...
  39. DaTario

    A Simple 1D kinematic exercises with metric tensor

    Hi All I would like to know if there is a way to produce simple one dimensional kinematic exercises with space-time metric tensor different from the Euclidean metric. Examples, if possible, are welcome. Best wishes, DaTario
  40. qspeechc

    Looking for Website with lots of School Exercises in Maths

    Hello everyone. A while ago someone gave me the address of a website which has a large collection of Maths excercises on all the school topics, but I lost it. Does anyone know of such a site? Just with a large collections of maths excercises on all topics. Cheers.
  41. Lola1

    B Exercises total angular momentum and spin (more particles systems)

    I need websites or books that has quantum mechanical exercises in particular that finds the total angular momentum eigenvalues (for example two spin 1/2 systems). Do you know where I can train?
  42. Physis

    Quantum Books with exercises dealing with harmonic oscillators

    Hello! I'm looking for books (or webpages, anything is welcome) with exercises dealing with methods applied to the harmonic oscillator, especially creation and annihilation operators, coherent states, squeezed states, minimum uncertainty states, Fock states, displacement operators... I have...
  43. Avatrin

    C/C++ Learning C/C++ through exercises

    I often find it quite frustrating to learn a programming language through a book; I always find myself skipping through huge parts of the book I have to read before moving onto the exercises. That was the main reason I did not ace my Python exam at university; I was told to use syntax I hadn't...
  44. Eric vdm

    Energy expended during static exercises

    Trying to wrap my head around how to calculate the energy/power expended when doing static exercises (i.e. static hangs from rings or handstands etc.) for various intervals... How do I relate the impulse (between myself and the rings or surface) to the total energy or work performed in say...
  45. Giuseppe96

    Chemistry Guys i in some chemistry mole exercises please

    1)When Mg is burned in air,a mixture of MgO and Mg3N2 is produced.If 3,6g of Mg produces 5,7g of mixture,what is the percentage by mass of each compound in the mixture? 2)A solution of an acid having the formula H3NSO3 is prepared by dissolving 9,7g in water and making up the solution to...
  46. haushofer

    Teaching Calculus, exercises: just hints or worked out?

    Dear all, I'm currently teaching calculus courses with Stewart's book. I was wondering what other teachers their experiences are with giving fully worked out answers to the exercises versus giving just hints and the final answer. I have the feeling that the last approach activates students...
  47. RGalbiati

    Classical Good exercises book for relativistic electrodynamics

    Hi everyone. As the title says, I am looking for a good exercise book covering the topic of relativistic electrodynamics since the beginning. Even lecture notes from some universities would be great given that solved problems of increasing difficulty are provided. Do you know some book of this...
  48. A

    Engineering Free Exercises on Right Angle Projections & Cross Section Views

    I am looking for free solved exercises about: right angle projections, (cross) section views Here are some pictures of my book so you can understand what I am looking for http://1.1m.yt/3cNNDl-.jpg http://1.1m.yt/FekMn6x.jpg http://1.1m.yt/1t3KEer.jpg http://1.1m.yt/urA5V2_.jpg...
  49. F

    A doubt about Mechanical Engineering problems and exercises

    Is it true that some mechanical systems( or machines or mechanisms) of problems and exercises of Mechanical Engineering books(engineering dynamics, mechanics of materials, fluid dynamics...) are invented ? That is, they don't exist in real life, they are created only for a particular problem or...
  50. B

    Classical Physics textbook with difficult exercises?

    I am in search of physics textbooks which covers, basic kinematics, dynamics, rotational kinematics, rotational dynamics, gravitation and problems related to work and energy. I don't need theory. I prefer if the contains lots of exercise that are both difficult to solve as well as "concept...