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Need guidance about thrusters

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    i need to design a light weight platform(capable of carrying 60-100kg weight) with some kind of thrusters so that it can go down smoothly through air from about 5-10m of height to ground level. can any one tell me what kind of thrusters i should use??
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    Sounds like a job for a quadcopter, using more powerful than usual motors.
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    What if i want to make it by adding thrusters only??
    quadcopter for such heavy weights will not be that efficient.
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    Thrusters are one of the most inefficient things you can use.
    Something like a crane would be perfect, a movable stage would be extremely efficient as well. You also avoid all stability issues, powering issues, wind issues and so on.
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    For sure, if it doesn't need a lot of lateral mobility. In fact, the stablest system might be something like a flagpole.
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