1. A

    Could a spacecraft refuel from the atmosphere? If it dipped into the atmosphere temporarily on an elliptical orbit, could the air gathered be stored for a long flight? Then maybe get more fuel from another planet's atmosphere or moon for the return trip?
  2. GurfX

    Extreme heat/plasma thruster

    My knowledge suggests when gasses are heated rapidly, they also expand due to the new energy in the gas. Is it possible to create a thruster that is able to lift 10kg via electric heating? The thruster would allow cold air to enter the chamber, where it would then be super-heated & ejected as...
  3. A

    VASIMR plasma thruster

    First off, I want to apologize if this thread is in the wrong place but I am new this. Anyway, so I recently checked on the VASIMR plasma engine since I was interested in it. But one thing I didn't understand about it is if it ejects the neutral gas it uses. What I mean is that it obviously...
  4. T

    Compressed Air Reverse Thruster

    Hello everyone, I'm attempting to determine the impulse that can be generated by expelling compressed air from a pressure vessel stored aboard a moving craft through nozzles in the nose of the craft. The vessel has a forward momentum of roughly 2,000,000 Ns. EDIT: For semantics sake, consider...
  5. K

    Need guidance about thrusters

    i need to design a light weight platform(capable of carrying 60-100kg weight) with some kind of thrusters so that it can go down smoothly through air from about 5-10m of height to ground level. can any one tell me what kind of thrusters i should use??