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Need guidance: Energy/gass question

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    Hi guys! I'm really lost on this one, I don't even now where to start. If somebody could please give me some guidance on how I should go about solving this problem, I would be very grateful!


    Canada’s electrical consumption is typically 57,000 MW. If all the H2O(g) in the atmosphere (assume it is 2% by volume) suddenly condensed to H2O(l), and all the enthalpy of this process was captured and converted to electrical energy, how long would this energy power the country?
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    How much H2O gas would be condensed? Do you know the surface Area of Canada? (not offhand, but I bet you can Google it)
    Atmospheric Pressure at the surface is caused by the weight (mg) of all the air above ground. (I'd presume STP unless told otherwise). air density is well-known, as is H2O gas density.
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