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Engineering Need Guidance for choosing career

  1. Dec 22, 2016 #1
    Hi ,
    I am 17 , Studying Engineering in Grade 12 ( last year of college ) , and ReaLLy confuse what to do next .Can somebody help
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    You should focus on areas with high overlap between what you like a lot and where there will be strong demand in the places you want to live.

    Some fields (astrophysics, space physics, aeronautical engineering) have strong supply of people with less demand for employees than other fields (computer science, EE, Mech E, etc.) Some areas (South Louisiana) have very unique demand profiles.
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    For most people interested in STEM fields as they finish high school, the next step is figuring out their advanced education. At this stage, you're not really choosing a career - that comes later. You're choosing an educational path which will likely impact your career. There are a lot of options out there, and in most cases they come with substantial costs, both financial and time.

    Have you figured out what you like doing? Do you enjoy building things, programming, mathematics, physics labs? What things are you good at? What things are you willing to put effort into getting good at? This is a time in your life for figuring these things out. You can pursue an education where things you enjoy and things that you're good at seem to overlap. And of course, it's important to heed the advice given by Dr. Courtney too. Where will the education that you pursue lead you? Where are graduates of the programs that you're considering ending up? Is that where you would like to be?
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    Can you tell that which field demand is high and which field demand will likely increase in next 5 to 8 years. ( of different countries such as in Germany and etc )
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    I'm sorry, but that just isn't a very good question. It is too broad and not clearly related to your original question: it has to start with you and what you want. You can't choose a a career path just by picking based on favorable statistics. For example, a quick google tells me that the fastest growing career in the USA is "wind turbine service technician" at 108%. Is that information really helpful to you?
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    Yeah, you're right , I know it and am not picking only because of statistics. And I ask because to gather information about it , [So Somehow it may helpe me]
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