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Need help deciding summer classes.

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    I have just decided to go back to school at 31 to pursue a second degree in Math (My first degree is in Political Science). I tested into intermediate Alegbra after not having any Math since the 10th grade. I am about half way through, and have a very almost a perfect average.

    My question to the forum is what do you think about taking Pre-Calculus (first 5 week session), and Calculus (second 5 week session) this summer? The college I am going to offers either one 8 week session or two 5 week sessions. Do you think that it will be to intense for 5 weeks, or is it doable, if that is my only class? My second option would be take just Pre-Calculus over the 8 week session, and Calculus 1 in the fall. The downside is like I said I am 31 and would love to play catch up if I can.


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    precalc, yes over 5 weeks.

    calc, maybe not... that you should take your time in. although try signing up for it in the second 5 week session and seeing how you like it/if you get enough out of it.

    im sure others can give more detailed answers.
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    If you're currently in intermediate algebra, the next step usually college algebra, then trigonometry, then pre-calculus. But if you've already got this covered, & you feel you know the information well, then I'd say yes to the pre-calculus class. Maybe not to the calculus class unless you feel you've really got you mathematics down.
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