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Need help desciding if I am mechanical engineering material. Thanks

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    I have worked several different jobs, such as a mechanic for 7 years, logger for 4 years and a welder for 3 years. long stories for each, but i am mechanically inclined. Everywhere i have gone i have been able to look at different things and figure them out quickly, how to fix them and how they work ect. I have been in college for the past 2 years taking prerequisites planning on becoming a mechanical engineer. I have been having a hard time with precalculus and I was wondering if there is a chance that it may somehow click or become a way of thinking. I have been to tutoring and so on and can understand it there but have a hard time repeating it. If anyone has had this trouble and made it, it would be great to know. keep in mind i am very good at working on anything from a 92 mustang gt with a 347 stroker motor built by myself all the way to the operation and design of a saw mill. if there is any hope for me to be able to understand calculus it would be great to know . I do not mind putting in the hard work to be able to obtain a mech degree if there is a way to be able to understand the math/physics part.
    Thanks a million for any info.
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    Nothing you have said says that you cannot do an ME degree. On the other hand, you might want to consider an Mech Engr. Technology degree as an alternative. This would be somewhat more hands on, a bit less heavy on the math and physics.
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    I agree with the above post. I'm a MET major and like you have worked as a tradesman and find the physics and calculus, which I like least, are not as intense in the MET program as ME programs I have heard of.
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    Thank you for the input, I will research this option further.
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