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Medical Need help, mind and body failure due to SALVIA

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    first off... Awesome forum! i have been looking for a forum like this for... too long

    ok... here is a list of the long term effects im having...

    short of breath it seems that without concentrating on breathing my rate is incredibly slow

    zoning out constantly i feel as if im looking at everything using only the surface of my eyes

    my mind just feels as if it is in a stooper 24/7 only recently have i been able to relate how i feel to the fact that its a long term effect from salvia

    my short term memory is ****

    all in all i feel like i am basically... sleep walking i mean i have to use real effort to even pronounce words right and i never had to do that before i even feel like my brain has been shutdown so much that it does not give out commands to keep blood circulating because certain times i cant feel fingers or toes and i cant remember the last time i blinked without forcing myself too.. anyways as you can see my mind and my body feel deflated and like shiittt.. due to salvia, i am a naturally smart person but my minds complete failure to take upon these ordinary tasks has turned into snowball effect which in terms has made me a complete zone out!! help!!! anything any advice that would help jump start my brain would be very useful.
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    also.. though it is legal.. STAY AWAY FROM SALVIA IT WILL TURN YOU INTO A ZOMBIE! you have no idea!
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    Interesting, this is the first time I've heard long term effects of salvia use reported. Is this stemming from a single use of the drug or has it been used habitually?

    For others reading this: Salvinorin A is a highly selective agonist at a particular opioid receptor with hallucinogenic properties. It is found in the plant called "salvia" referred to by the original poster. It is generally thought to produce shorter lasting psychedelic effects than other hallucinogens.

    Does anyone know of a reference on the behavioral effects of Salvinorin A? A quick literature search turns up many papers on the pharmacology but none on behavioral effects...

    Also stalemate, this is a science forum, discussions of the recreational use of such drugs are usually considered off-topic.
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    If i can recall correctly (lol) it was 10x extract of Salvia Dinorum. and yes i know this is not a site which deals with the habits of recreational drug users but let me remind you that no laws were broken and i am only concerned with awakening my mind which i can only hope pertains to medical science. i was hoping that someone could pin point a problem from such symptoms as decreased circulation decrease respiratory activity, and complete lack of involuntary movements. whatever these are symptomatic of please let me know no matter what the damage is. and also your right in saying there are few complaints of people having long term effects from salvia but beleive you me after experiencing such the highly effortless highly consciousness state that is salvia dinorum you will be set down the wrong path of seeking awareness... anyways any insight to how i can get my brain on the right path would be amazing.
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    stalemate, you need to see a doctor. We can not diagnose you. Drugs that affect a person's ability to think normally aren't awakening your mind, they are distorting your perception. I always find it amusing when someone considers a condition that impedes their ability to function normally as something good, but to each his own. We don't discuss recreational drug use for what should be obvious reasons - we are a site for underage school children and do not want to get blocked from schools. I don't think that is difficult to understand. You understand that, and have kept away from it, I appreciate that. I am worried about your symptoms, however, and really recommend that you see a doctor.
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    Hi stalemate, I'm glad you like the forums, but I must remind you of our guidelines: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=284183

    Discussions are limited to science, we cannot offer a diagnosis of any sorts. I'd suggest discussing this with your doctor, combined with a physical examination.
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