1. J

    A Sample Test | Component Lifetime

    Hi, I'm currently working on a project for which I have to determine the Life-Time of a certain mechanical component within a certain confidence interval. By sampling a small number (let's say n = 10) of these components and measuring the number of hours until failure, I want to determine this...
  2. S

    I Help with failure statistics

    (Sorry for the terrible title. If anybody have a better idea, post and I will edit. Also I have no idea of the level so now I just put undergraduate since the problem is fairly easy to state.) Suppose I buy ## N## sensors which the manufacturer tells me will fail at some point and the failure...
  3. B

    Testing Failure on statics exam?

    Hello all, I am a 19 year old female currently in my first semester of engineering school. I have taken other classes such as Physics I and Calculus I & II and done pretty well in them. Today I got my statics exam score back and received a 60%...the average was a 72%. A 60% puts me at the very...
  4. duhuhu

    Electronics Issues in Vacuum

    I am working on a project for a cube-sat to go up on a balloon to 40 km. My team has been talking to some other groups who have worked on other cube-sats who say that our resistive heaters need to be Kapton heaters rather than 1D heaters like what we have designed for. They claim that our...
  5. B

    Tensile test failure velocity

    Hi, so when doing a tensile test lets say on a threaded bar and a nut. The nut thread reaches failure and shoots off. How would you calculate that velocity and the actual force that it would hit say a wall 20cm away. just for information the failure point was at about 300kN
  6. E

    Method to decide if calculating buckling failure is compulsory or not?

    Is there any method to define weather I have to calculate for determine buckling of column lead to fail or not. Is there is any rule of thumb or formula that show it is required to check for buckling or not (like very short column)
  7. M

    Connecting rod failure Hyundai Veloster 1.6

    I purchased this car new 2013, 29,999 miles and the dealer has been the only one who worked on it. We use synthic oil. After driving the last 100 mile at 60 mph the engine stopped. I had it towed to the dealership. The lower end of #4 con rod was sticking out of the Aluminum block. The...
  8. F

    Failure analysis

    Hello. My professor has asked the class to find a few reports of failure analysis. We need reports that contains high quality pictures of the failed component and the data of the failed component. Also we can not have a failure report with amorphous materials(glass, plastics ect) Links or...