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Need help picking vars to integrate on a neg-acceleration prob

  1. Feb 25, 2009 #1
    This is extra credit, and the test has passed (no one got it), the prof said he'll still take efforts on it so here is my attempt.

    A rocket sled is going down a test track at 180 km/hr (calculated to 50 m/s). It drops a snorkel into a trough of water. This diverts 30 kg/s of water vertically. The sled has mass of 500kg (including the snorkel and water in it).

    The question is how far will the sled travel once it drops the snorkel.

    I know I need to integrate from 50 to 0... but beyond that I don't know what vars to integrate in order to get something to plug into kinematic equations.....

    negate fluid+track+air friction.
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