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Need help to read and understand machine drawings

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    i am a mechanical engineer. but, i am not good in machine drawings. i can not understand the assembly drawings. i can not visualize the 2d drawings into 3d drawings. if any body knows the perfect method to understand and read machine/assembly drawings then please inform me.
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    There's not really a method for visualization. I find that it is very unique to each person and their natural creative ability.

    As far as the machine and assembly drawings, you just need to familiarize yourself with the symbols and practice reading the drawings. It takes a bit of time to get used to them at first and they can vary from OEM to OEM.

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    Practise and experience.
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    Sketch and draw as much as you can (make it a hobby) - train your brain.

    Do exercises from drafting texts:
    Draw isometric views from orthographic.
    Draw orthographic from isometric.
    You should be able to start with iso, convert to ortho then convert back again to iso without distortion of the object.

    Solid modelling programs make projections far too easy. Drawing with a pen and paper will help greatly.
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    Good point about actually DRAWING things rather than letting the computer do the work.

    How about trying to draw plans of things you see? Look at your coffee cup...I just happen to have mine handy here...with one eye, square on, and draw the outline. Rotate it 90deg and draw. Then look directly down on it and do the same. See if you can line up each drawing so the common visible edges are parallel. You've made an engineering drawing.
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