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Need help with FEA of a viscoelastic damper

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    I am trying to do a FEA of a viscoelastic damper. Should I use Ansys11 to do the analysis or Ansys Workbench 11.
    If I should use Workbench, can anybody give a good link where I can find tutorials on performing FEA on viscoelastic dampers.
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    Are you doing a harmonic frequency response on this damper? ANSYS standard or workbench are both capable of doing this kind of anlysis, with Workbench probably being easier to use.
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    I would be starting off with a harmonic analysis, then would do it for random frequency responses. If u know any tutorials regarding viscoelastic dampers in Ansys workbench, please let me know.
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    i am an undergraduate and am interested in using workbench for a viscoelastic model. Are there any tutorials on entering a command into workbench to activate the prony series to allow viscoelastic properties?
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    I'm just interested in FEA, so I figured I'd post here. Is it feasible to do FEA calculations by hand? For example, calculating stress and bending motion on a tool of uniform material and density, at certain nodes throughout the tool (for example, bending movement of a wrench as it tightens a nut onto a bolt).

    I know there is software out there for this, but it's either expensive or difficult to use for such problems. Where could I learn about doing this kind of work by hand, or is it just a waste of time? I'd rather learn to solve such problems with pencil and calculator before using software.
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