What is Damper: Definition and 80 Discussions

A damper is a valve or plate that stops or regulates the flow of air inside a duct, chimney, VAV box, air handler, or other air-handling equipment. A damper may be used to cut off central air conditioning (heating or cooling) to an unused room, or to regulate it for room-by-room temperature and climate control. Its operation can be manual or automatic. Manual dampers are turned by a handle on the outside of a duct. Automatic dampers are used to regulate airflow constantly and are operated by electric or pneumatic motors, in turn controlled by a thermostat or building automation system. Automatic or motorized dampers may also be controlled by a solenoid, and the degree of air-flow calibrated, perhaps according to signals from the thermostat going to the actuator of the damper in order to modulate the flow of air-conditioned air in order to effect climate control.In a chimney flue, a damper closes off the flue to keep the weather (and birds and other animals) out and warm or cool air in. This is usually done in the summer, but also sometimes in the winter between uses. In some cases, the damper may also be partly closed to help control the rate of combustion. The damper may be accessible only by reaching up into the fireplace by hand or with a woodpoker, or sometimes by a lever or knob that sticks down or out. On a wood-burning stove or similar device, it is usually a handle on the vent duct as in an air conditioning system. Forgetting to open a damper before beginning a fire can cause serious smoke damage to the interior of a home, if not a house fire.

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  1. Juanda

    I How Do Eddy Current Dampers Work in Space Applications?

    This post is somewhat of a continuation of this other post. I would like to better understand induction and be able to link the electrical equations with Newton's. For reference, this is a paper about the Eddy Current Damper I would like to study first. I think these components are very well...
  2. LowBlackFast

    Automotive Spring and damper on rocker

    Can someone help me evaluate an idea that I have? I'm investigating the idea of placing a very progressive pull spring and a digressive shock on a rocker to control the timing and rotation of an axle. I could be way off, but here's the scenario in my head. Both shock and spring are being...
  3. G

    Tainter Damper Figure: Analyzing Forces

    Figure: Attempt at a solution: $$b=12\, \textrm{m},\quad H=8\, \textrm{m}$$ a) $$F_H=p_{CG}A=3767040\, \textrm{N}=\boxed{3767,04\, \textrm{kN}}$$ $$A=8\cdot 12=96\, \textrm{m}^2$$ $$p_{CG}=\rho_g h_{cg}=39240\, \textrm{Pa}$$ b) $$F_V=mg=\rho_g V$$ We calculate ##\theta \rightarrow 8=10\cdot...
  4. R

    Boundary conditions for 2 ropes fixed to a massless ring with a damper

    Hi, I'm not quite sure if I'm correct. I need to find the boundary conditions for 2 ropes ##T_1 \mu_1, T_2 \mu_2## fixed at ##x=0## to a massless ring with a massless damper of force ##F_d - -bv_y## Here what I think, since the ring and the damper is massless ##\sum F_y = 0##. Thus, ##-T_1...
  5. I

    Signal transfer properties of a spring-suspended platform?

    Ok, the last time I did something with physics, save for simple in-game simulation of gravity, was many moons ago in high school. I certainly did not learn to do this in high school, although two subjects I had there at a basic level, are touched: Waves and Classical mechanics. I have no idea...
  6. K

    How to solve spring mass damper system manually?

    The other day when I solved a spring mass damper system in Matlab, I was curious how in olden days would have people solved the equation. We all know the 2nd order differential equation of the system: However if I know the time, damping coefficient, stiffness and mass, will I be able to find...
  7. A

    Differential Equations and Damper Curves

    Good evening, I have been wrestling with the following and thought I would ask for help. I am trying to come up with the equations of motion and energy stored in individual suspension components when a wheel is fired towards the car but, there is a twist! I am assuming a quarter car type...
  8. K

    Automotive Why don't motorcycle clutches need torsional damper springs?

    I was reading the difference in construction between a car clutch (dry, single plate) and a motorcycle clutch (wet, multiplate). I understand wet multiplate clutches do not have torsional springs in them. How is the Engine vibration damped then? Can we not use this same arrangement in a car?
  9. sophiecentaur

    Auto/Motor Can a homemade telescopic damper solve a pesky gate spring problem?

    This is not actually an automotive project but the thread should suit practical petrolheads and the like, I think. My problem is that our front garden gate needs a strong spring so that it will shut and latch itself reliably and prevent our (visiting) dog from getting out onto a fairly busy...
  10. physea

    I Calculating Viscous Damper Energy in Spring-Mass Systems

    Hello, In problems that involve springs and viscous dampers, eg a mass falls on a spring that also has a viscous damper, how can we calculate the energy absorbed by the damper? I mean, we know the energy absorbed by the spring (1/2*k*x^2), we know the kinetic energy of the mass (1/2*m*u^2)...
  11. L

    How to calculate the pressure on a piston in a damper system?

    Hello all, I'm trying to calculate the pressures exerted back on a piston by a working hydraulic fluid in a damper system. I've attached a drawing of the system and the equations I'm using. Essentially the piston motion is restricted by flow through an orifice. I have data for the flow rates...
  12. H

    Can We Develop a Material to Block Electric Fields Like Mu-Metal Blocks Magnetic Fields?

    Is it possible to create a material that will block an electric field like mu-metal blocks magnetic fields?
  13. V

    Mass-spring-damper system "shock absorber"

    Homework Statement Find equations of motion for mechanical system given by picture, where m = 1kg, k1 = 10, k2 = 25, b = 3 and natural lengths of springs are a1 = 1m, a2 = 2m. The whole system is in a gravitational field g = 9.81m/s^2 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I came up with...
  14. eggwomen

    How can I design a double mass-spring damper system in equilibrium?

    Hi! I have this project on my CAE classes in which I have to design a system like this, which would be in equilibrium, so i guess that the masses should move with the constant amplitude. I have no idea how to calculate the k parameter, I tried to do this analogically to mass-spring damper...
  15. CK328

    Mathematical modeling of a mountain bike rear shock

    Evening all, I've recently undertaken a project where my roll is to analyse the suspension of a mountain bike. The suspension unit in question is a Rock Shox Monarch RT3. To give a brief summary: The shock uses compressed air as the spring, the pressure is adjustable via an air valve. The shock...
  16. Feodalherren

    Dynamic systems: two rotating disks interconnected by damper

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution So I'm assuming my solution is just as valid as the one in the book, if not, can somebody explain to me why? I prefer my solution since they say that phi is a known function.
  17. A

    How Do You Apply Laplace Transforms to Vehicle Suspension Analysis?

    Homework Statement Diagram for a vehicle suspension is given. Displacement of wheel is given by 'x' and and displacement of body is 'y'. Spring constant, k = (7*10^4) Nm Damping coefficient, c = (3*10^3) N/m/s mass,m = 250kg a) Make a Laplace Transform of system and utilize it to predict 'y'...
  18. W

    Deriving relationship between LVDT and mass spring damper

    Homework Statement [/B] I have this system below. It is the schematic of a linear accelerometer moving horizontally, where m is the total mass of the slide, b denotes the viscous damping, and k represents the spring constant. The relative position between the moving mass and the case is...
  19. Spacexplorer

    Understanding How Dampers and Springs Work in Car Suspension Systems

    Hi guys. It could be an easy question but I started at the deepest. I wonder how it works like a car suspension system. How does damper work with spring? What is the difference between forced-nonforced systems? Why do we calculate frequency of spring? What does it provide us? What is the point...
  20. Q

    Base excited stacked mass spring damper systems

    Homework Statement I'm trying to derive the equations of motion and state space as well as the transfer function for a system which has two mass spring damper systems stacked on top of each other. The system is base excited. I attached a pic of the system Homework Equations - Sum of the...
  21. Q

    Nonlinear Mass Spring Damper with Euler Bernoulli Beam

    I'm trying to find a solution to a system in which a clamped free Euler-Bernoulli Beam system rests on top of a mass-spring-damper system. The MSD system has nonlinearities in both the spring and the damper and is of the form: I have extended the nonlinear restoring force to its 3rd term and...
  22. H

    Knee Speed/ Velocity Split for damper

    Hey guys I'm trying to figure out the ideal knee speed or velocity split for a particular car that I'm designing. What I'm trying to do is relate the knee speed (or crossover speed) of my damper to the crossover point in the displacement transmissiblity graph so that I can achieve optimum...
  23. H

    What is the ideal damper for a passenger car suspension?

    I've been a bit lost figuring out what damper I should be using for the front suspension I am designing. Right now I'm running a wheel rate of 60 lbf/in at the front with a ride frequency of 1.2254 Hz. The front is also supporting a sprung mass of 391.68 lbf. Comfort is the end requirement of...
  24. Asim Riaz

    How Should Damping Characteristics Be Designed for a Plane Landing System?

    Homework Statement If an aeroplane of a mass of = 5000 with a velocity of ̇ = 500/ℎ has to land on a daily basis what would be your design characteristic of a damping system to absorb the ground energy contact within 5 seconds. Hint: Your answers may include: i. The values of k (the spring...
  25. J

    Modeling and Simulation (Spring, Mass, Damper system)

    Homework Statement 1. The first part of the problem was to find a transfer function. Output is the displacement of the mass (mass of pinion is negligible) 2.The next thing to do was find the poles, which I believe means set the denominator=0 and solve for s. 3. The next thing to do was find...
  26. T

    Equation of Motion of Mass Damper and Rotating Bar

    Homework Statement Consider the inverted pendulum system, where a uniform rigid bar of mass m and length L is elastically hinged on top of a lumped mass M. The bar is constrained by a torsional spring of coefficient kτ and the mass is constrained by a damper of coefficient c. Derive the...
  27. marellasunny

    Rear damper travel; Rear passenger packaging

    I am quite uncertain as to why the rear damper is inclined at a angle to the inside of the car. By doing so, does one ensure for rear wheel travel to be along a curved up/down path? i.e I am perplexed as most of the modern rear suspensions are multi-link and have their dampers inclined → This...
  28. K

    Mass - Spring - damper in Parallel

    Homework Statement The problem is to determine the transfer function where force F is input and displacement x is output in the mass-spring-damper mechanism.Homework Equations Spring Force = kx [k:spring constant] Damping Force = Cx [C:damping coefficient] Force = (Mass)(acceleration) The...
  29. K

    Valve Shim calculation of a damper

    Hello, How can one calculate the dimensions of valve shims in Gas pressure shock absorber? Desription- The valve shims are orifices to the fluid flow in the hydraulic damping system. The dimensions play a very vital role in the adjustment of compression and rebound of the damper. I have...
  30. marellasunny

    Damper energy absorption during rebound is different from compression

    I understand that the purpose of a damper system is to stop the spring from bouncing during rebound. But,technically speaking,I do not understand the matter of energy absorption in the damper during rebound. 1.The damper is absorbing energy during compression along the bump and dissipating...
  31. Y

    Damper Calculation: Calculate Damping Force

    Hi, Please tell me damper calculation.ie.how to calculate damping force??
  32. P

    How to make a rotational damper?

    How does one go about making a damper for a rotating system? Let's say we have a wind-up toy, and we want it to go slower, or something like that. Sorry for such a basic question, but I can't really figure out a decent way to do this. Any ideas?
  33. T

    Mass Spring Damper Transfer Function

    Homework Statement The translational system in the first attachment represents the rear/front suspension of a car of mass 1262kg. The distance between the axles is 2.41m and the distance between the centre of mass and the front axle is 1.22m. I am told that: m2 = 40 kg c1 = 800 Nm/s k1...
  34. B

    Spring damper system equation of motion

    Homework Statement A 10 kg block is displaced 20 mm and released. If damping coefficient is 100 N.s/m, how many cycles will be executed before amplitude is reduced to 1 mm or below? The stiffness of the spring is k=20000 N/m. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I...
  35. C

    Can Eddy Current Dampers Be Used to Add Damping to Small Mechanical Systems?

    Hello, I have a mechanical motion platform. It's only about 8 grams and about 5x5x5 cm. I'm a bit worried about the natural frequency and I want to mechanically damp it to slightly under-damped. I'm using phosphor-bronze for my spring elements, I'm not sure how much damping is intrinsic to...
  36. F

    External damping force in Mass Spring Damper system

    Hi, I am designing a wave energy converter, which has one degree of freedom - heaving motion. Meaning it will move only in vertical direction. My system can be considered as a Mass Spring Damper system. Thus my equation of motion is: F=Fh+Fe Where, Fe= Excitation force...
  37. jegues

    Forces on a Mechnical System (Spring, Damper etc )

    Homework Statement Write equations that could be used to solve for, V_{1}(s) \quad , \quad V_{2}(s) in the Laplace domain for the mechanical system shown in the figure attached. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I think I understand most of the problem, but I think I...
  38. L

    Solving a Mass Spring Damper System with Lagrange Equation

    Hello! I am taking a course in dynamics and have a question about a spring-mass-damper system (see the attached file) that I want to solve using Lagrange equation (see attached file). I am having trouble writing the equation of motion for this problem. At first I tried doing it the way I...
  39. H

    Spring damper system without a mass

    Hi guys:Imagine a spring and and damper in parallel, connected to the ground on the right, and connected by a node on the left.I never quite understand why it is said that the forces between the two must be zero.According to my professor and the textbook, it is because the node has no mass, so...
  40. P

    Spring and Damper system for viabrations

    Hi, This is a real life problem I am trying to find vibration effects. I have 2 servo motors constantly going back and forth on a granite countertop. The two servo motors are moving two 75 KG masses. I am trying to solve for the vibration effects that will happen on the granite...
  41. H

    2nd order mass, spring damper in series

    1. Homework Statement B, K, M 2. Homework Equations 1. xs(t) -----spring ----mass-----damper-----fixed, derive DE for x of mass given :2. F - > M -----spring-------damper ---- fixed in series, derive the DE for velocity of spring 3. The Attempt at a Solution 1. ma =...
  42. F

    Tuned Mass Damper: Damp Down or Reduce Vibration?

    Will a tuned mass damper damp down the excitation frequency ? Or it just reduce the vibration amplitude? Thank you.
  43. L

    How do you calculate the damping force of a tuned mass damper?

    For a report I am investigating whether a gyroscope could be used to stabilise the skyscraper Taipei 101 instead of the tuned mass damper, I have figured out how to set up the gyroscope but I need to calculate radius, speed of rotation etc. To do this I need to find the equivalent moment exerted...
  44. M

    Designing a Damper: Needing Guidance

    Hi I'm a bit stuck on a problem I'm trying to figure out. I am trying to design a damper, the layout is show below: (apologies for the poor 'cad' drawing!) So far i know: I for the beam, how much energy needs to be absorbed by the damper (4500j) and the stroke (15mm). The maximum loading...
  45. M

    Design a Damper: Calculation Help Needed

    Homework Statement I am trying to design a damper but am struggling with some calculations. The layout is shown below The two red beams are fixed length, with the longer beam rotating clockwise around the blue pivot The specification I have to go on is that the damper has to absorb 4500J...
  46. S

    Power Dissipated In a Linear Damper

    Hello, I have a question about power dissipated in a linear damper. I know that power is equal to force times velocity, and that force is equal to the damper coefficient times velocity. What I have to work with is the coefficient and the velocity of the damper, so the instantaneous power...
  47. V

    Harmonic damper on break barrel air rifle?

    basically, I am trying to reduce vibrations from my break barrel air rifle which has dual recoils in either direction. they happen almost simultaneously, but it still throws off my accuracy as one occurs just before the pellet leaves the barrel. the kick isn't strong but rather sharp. here's a...
  48. B

    2 degree of freedom mass spring damper system

    For a project we are supposed to design the suspension system of a half car model. We are supposed to determine the values of the spring constants and damping constants. We are given the mass of the half car, the moment of inertia about the center of mass, and the wheel base. We are given a...
  49. S

    Underplatform Damper: Explained & Uses

    Please can anyone explain about underplatform damper and where it is used?