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Hello everyone, i just started a electrical technician degree at a tech school. right now were about to start with series-parallel circuits....but we need to write a research paper on it. i have never done a research paper not even in high school. so my question is can i read a book or two on series parallel circuits and then write the paper in my own words and use the books as a reference? from what i heard from some friends is that i am supposed to do this as if i was learning it ... should this paper be written as if i was going to read this paper and learn series-parallel circuits from the reading?

if not does anyone have any web links >?thanks

Wrichik Basu

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What you are indicating is not a research but a project. Research is something that is original and discovered/invented by you, not copied from any book.

For your purpose, you can surely refer to a book. A good book on electronics is The Art of Electronics by Hill and Horowitz. But you can find series and parallel circuits in any high school book. Also do a google search; there will be hundreds of sites providing you with good information.

Generally in such a project, a Bibliography is attached at the end where the references are mentioned. If you're not sure, you should have a word with your course instructor.

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