Need help with structure of stair climbing robot

  1. Im supposed 2 design a robo like this 1, but here, the mechanical part seems more tought thn the electrical and programming. I couldn’t make out what mechanical structure is being used to have this type of motion. Can anyone plz help.

    Here’s a start:
    There r 2 motors attached in the centre part of the robot, which keeps sliding back anf forth.
    But, I can’t figure out out is the motor shaft being coupled to the structure, and how does it have tht kinda motion.

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  3. The sliding motion looks to be from a belt or chain. Utilizing a stepper motor with a chain or belt would allow you to count how many steps it takes to move a fixed point on the chain from one end of the track to the other. The fixed point on the chain or belt is attached to a pivoting mechanism (probably another stepper motor) within the body of the robot.... inside the track that it slides on is probably a wire ribbon similar to that of the inside of a printer which would power the motors for the wheels. That's just me dissecting it with my eyes though.

    OR... if you dont want to use a chain or belt, you can make a rack and pinion design to create the sliding motion.
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  4. thnx
  5. i can't see any motors attached to da wheels, r thr motors?
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