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Schools Need help with university choice

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    hi all
    i am a high school student(in ontario) going on to university next year.i'm planning on going into life sciences and eventually get into med school.
    i'm stuck between the university of toronto and queen's university and was wondering if anyone can help me in my decision. im hoping that i get into a university that will help me get into med school which obviously requires high grades.
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    Did you get accepted by both?
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    Both are good schools. The simple choice of school will not affect a medical school application, job application, grad school application etc. If the programs you're looking at are similar, then look at other things that may affect your performance such as living enviroment, extra-cirricular opportunities, etc.
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    go visit both schools then give the choice another look. Often you can rule out a school after visiting because you can't see yourself living there and enjoying yourself (which is very important)
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