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Need Materials for Stability and Control Helicopter

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    Need Materials for "Stability and Control Helicopter"

    Hi everyboy !

    I'm now very disappointed, it's beause I have googled the materials of "stability and control helicopter" and what I got is nothing but disapointment. So, I need your help for the materials. Is there anyone got them ? please share to me. Next week Friday is the deadline .

    Thank you
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    Ask FredGarvin, he seems to know a thing or two about heli's
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    What kind of materials are you looking for? Control systems? Simply how they work? Please explain what you need.

    Of course you won't find much on this topic for free. It is a technical subject that has a lot of people in business working on. You'll need to fork over some money for text books and technical articles by the sounds of it.
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    what I need is to analyse the stability of my Helicopter, this is my project in the class. I have calculated all parameters of my Helicopter, now just analyse the stability.

    Thank you, FredGarvin :wink:
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    I think stability is only influenced by the rotor attach point and it's distance above the center of gravity. Also the 'dihedral' of the rotor blades, rotor airfoils used, mass, and stiffness. Factor in gyroscopic forces too for single rotor designs.

    But I got no way to calculate stability, but isn't 'stability' qualitative in nature?
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    So...basically you are saying that everything effects stability.

    I will look around to see what I can dig up that will not cost you money. However, it really depends on what you want to do. When you say that you want to "analyze the stability" of your helicopter, you have to be the one to define what that means. What do you want your aircraft's handling and control properties to be? From there you develop your test and analysis to measure and quantify your parameters.

    Here are some quick links I dug up:

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    Hmm, didn't see it that way, but yes, I'm serious with all the things I've mentioned. It was from the experience gained with model helicopter/rotary wing/autogyro glider experiments I did way back.

    I never worked with numbers though, but it's interesting how behavior could easily be affected by just varying the rotor airfoil. But to make things simple, CG location(relative to rotor CP), rotor dihedral(during operation, not when sitting on the ground motionless), and rotor mass should be the factors to consider in stability.
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