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Homework Help: Need some clarification on this limit

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    I need some clarification on this limit:

    lim n-->infinity of (2^n)/(n^4)

    since the bottom of the function reaches infinity way faster than the top, why isnt the limit zero? my book says that it is infinity.
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    I believe the numerator goes to infinity faster.

    Take n=100, the numberator is 2100 which would be 1625, while the denominator is 1004 = 108.

    I believe by applying l'Hôpital's rule, differentiate the numerator and denominator four-fold, the denominator becomes 4!, while the numerator is still factor of 2n
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    It might help to compare logarithms of the numerator and denominator.
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    Because the top of the function reaches infinity way faster than the bottom!

    (Even 1.00001^n eventually increases faster than n^10000.)
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