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Need something to reflect replel magnetic ways

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    need something to reflect replel magnetic effects

    could someone please give me a list of easy to mould\shape metal\substance that will reflect\repel magnetics. i can remember a metal (think it was metal) that could be heated\melted and worked with quite easily to pour into moulds.

    thanks in advance.

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    As far as I am aware, there are no insulators for magnetic fields. The energy of the field can be diverted into electrical current, thus acting as a sink. You may want to post on the General Physics forum to develop your solution.
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    No, don't repost this somewhere else -- that is against the PF rules.

    To the Original Poster (OP) -- to guide the magnetic field lines (provide shielding for something), you use a high-mu material like iron or mu-metal. Iron or steel sheilds you can make yourself, but mu-metal shields need to be annealed at high temperatures once they are formed. You can't start with a sheet of mu-metal and bend it up into a shield, unless you then anneal it to restore the high-mu properties. More info on mu-metal shielding is at this website:


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    Whoops. I'll take a look at those rules, berkeman. Thanks for the headsup.
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    If the magnetic field is AC at a sufficient frequency (not really 60Hz), then a simple conductor (Al, Cu...) will block it.

    In DC, only superconductors block magnetic fields, but their constraints are accepted by few applications.

    Then indeed, the remaining solution is to offer a short path to the field. But depending on the acceptable strength of the remaining field, expensive mumetal can be replaced by a soft steel.
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