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Need advice on ways to heat up metals

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    Hey everyone,
    I am posting because I need some help. I have a project idea that I really want to pursue but I am not well educated when it comes to physics and chemical related topics. I want to know what are the different ways to heat up metals, but also which metals would that procedure work on. For example, lets say I wanted to make some sort of pad or thick sheet of metal (kind of shaped like a sponge). How can I get this pad to generate or emit heat? How can I get it to stop heating up and slowly cool down? Is there a way that I can put two or three (or more) of these pads close (maybe like an inch or two apart but not touch) and cause them to generate heat? Or lets say I put holes from one side to the other side of the pad, would there be any way that it can emit heat after having air passing through the holes, thus through the pad itself? Give me everything you got. I am open to all you guys have to say. Also, THANK YOU! I really need your help and appreciate any piece of information you're teaching me or informing me with.
    (I am not an engineer, chemist, physicist or such. Just a guy with an idea doing a whole lot of research. If you know any other places or websites or books I can read to educate me more specifically on what I am asking above, please suggest them to me. Thanks.)
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    Google "Regenerative ovens."
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