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Need tips for a research assistantship resume

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    So one of the research groups at my school is looking for "graduate students like me" - according to the professor who runs the show. They are sponsored by a large tech company and they need to review me also. I'm a comp engineering Masters student btw.

    About the assistantship:
    It's an non-hourly research assistantship that would cover 100% of my tuition if I go for a Masters thesis or 0% of my tuition if I don't. It's only 20 hours a week at the company itself.

    When I met with the professor, he was impressed at my physics degree from undergraduate from a top tier school (since the graduate school I'm going to isn't top tier). He informed me that he wanted me in the group. But he can't make the final decision until the company reviews my credentials and background themselves.

    As he looked through my resume, he told me to "spice" it up a bit. Now, I have never written a resume for a research assistantship before. I'm assuming they are different from a normal "work resume." What should I include? Does work experience really matter? Or my coursework/projects more important?

    About myself:
    I don't have a great undergrad GPA (2.5 GPA overall and 3.04 major). Nor do I have a graduate GPA yet (still in my first summer semester). I don't have many projects under my belt besides "term/final projects" throughout my undergraduate studies, maybe 2-3. Should I list my undergrad/current grad coursework? My work experience is very non-related to what I'm studying (office work/admin work). How should the layout be?
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    What they're likely expecting is a "curriculum vitae" or CV.

    This is generally more comprehensive than a resume - not necessarily limited to 2 pages. Just do a search for how to write one.
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    Andy Resnick

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    "spicing it up" could mean a few things. I take it to mean making it more exciting. For example, these term/final projects: for each, make 3 or 4 bullet points describing them and why they were awesome experiences. Bullet points are ranked in order from good to best, and link to qualities that the research group needs.

    Add some descriptions about coursework- listing the relevant courses, describe how they form a coherent educational whole, and how they will help you to contribute to the research group.

    Ask this professor what he means by "spicing it up". Take your resume/cv to the 'resume center' at school- every school has one- and get their help.

    Go ahead and add the work experience, but again- link it to what the research group needs. An RA that can help organize a large project is a good thing to have.
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