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Need to find the exact velocity value

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    Hi guys :smile:,

    Today im planning to make an experiment. I got the problem in my experiment setup.As you see in picture,I need to know the exactly velocity value to generate the motor.The velocity that applied should be not broken the glass fiber.Is there any formula I can relate with this problem? Addition information, the fiber need to have tension force to maintain its not bending and keep it straight.Hopefully you guys can help me with this problem. I don’t have any idea how to solve it right now. Thanks http://postimg.org/image/ulr6id85n/
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    Sorry, but your picture didn't upload properly. :frown:
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    how do i upload the picture?because im try put the link,but seem it doesnt work well:cry:
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    There's an "upload a file" button to the bottom right of the reply box. But photobucket worked...

    The way I read the picture, the rollers are pulling the fiber? If you have a specific speed in mind, you just use geometry to determine the rotation rates of the parts of the drivetrain. For example, linear speed divided by diameter of the roller equals rotation rate. Is that enough to get started? (otherwise, we'll need more info, because it is still a bit vague...)
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    thanks for the reply.Yes,the rollers are pulling the fiber,but to keep the fiber not broken and in straight position,I need to pull it followed by the right tension force.i have the tension force value,but how I do I find the right velocity in order to get the tension force value,and then set up the value in motor to keep it function,btw “linear speed divided by diameter of the roller equals rotation rate”,can u give me some example in calculation or any formula? really thanks for this help
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