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Needing elemental alpha particle scattering/peak resonances

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    On our campus we have an ion beam analysis lab. It is used for compositional analysis through the firing of alpha particles at MeV energies at target samples (RBS). From here it is a simple matter of back scattering kinematics to calculate atomic masses thereby giving the general composition of the test samples.

    There are many cases for overlap of the peaks in channels and to compensate some tables have been provided by the lab for finding scattering (peak) resonances of certain elements to increase mass resolution, however it is by no means complete.

    It would be helpful to have a more thorough listing of elements/alpha particle scattering resonance energies; my search has so far proven futile. Does anyone have a link or know of a good resource for this information?
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    what peaks were you given? and what was your signal like?
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    The experiments have not been carried out yet, however the expectation for one of them is the production of small amounts of Boron which will then need to be detected. If I know the peak resonance energy of the incident alpha particles against a lithium-boron target then it would make it easier to spot trace amounts of said element.

    The idea is similar to the resonance/peak for oxygen with the beam running 3.05~3.06MeV, this yields a huge 'spike' in the data where we might not normally be able to see this element. The idea is the same here.
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    3.93MeV is the resonance energy for Boron, a surprisingly difficult value to find! If anyone else has others to add please do so, the help is always appreciated :)
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