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Nerdcore & decaff coffee, & typing in gloves!

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    What's a gal to do?! I can't concentrate on my study, for whatever reason, I'm dying for coffee I can't have & have to type with my gloves on! (Raynaud's is annoying!) Nerdcore is soothing me though, bit of Nursehella & MC Hawking. Any tips for getting over that "can't be arsed" unmotivated feeling? & any more Nerdcore recommendations?

    Clairepie x
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    There isn't some other form of treatment besides always having to wear gloves and socks?
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    Hmm. Kind of a surprising coincidence, but here at my work we've been looking for gloves that hold up to rough work yet allow the wearer to type on a computer. What kind of glove do you use?

    Can you have tea, or hot chocolate?
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    Loseyourname (great Plathiness btw I love her) http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Raynauds-phenomenon/Pages/Treatment.aspx I don't use any treatments or meds myself as I have a number of other conditions& can manage it with self-help :-)

    Lisab, I have a pair of knitted fingerless gloves that have a patch of suede on the palm, they turn into mittens too!!!

    Anything that contains caffine is right out so no cuppas for me unless I am wrapped up warm, I tend to stick to peppermint & camomile

    Hope you are both enjoying your Monday!

    Clairepie x

    [PLAIN]http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs448.ash2/72132_478067235379_739665379_7457828_2838559_n.jpg [Broken]
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