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Neutron stars on collision course.

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    Simply put, either by chance or a suicidal type-III Civilization, 2 neutron stars, or a neutron star an a large-ish main sequence star are thrown at eachother and fall STRAIGHT into eachother.
    What happens? Does the ~1.4 C Newtonian impact speed result in them getting blown up and releasing their mass-energy into the universe? making a black hole? something else?

    For the sake of consistency, let us assume that each neutron star is 2 Solar masses with a radius of 6 km, this also happens to be hovering on the edge of becoming a black hole. (pciked values arbitrarily, got 99.5C as escape velocity.)

    By the way, preliminary calculations of the mass-energy of each seem to indicate a yield of 6.4E47 Joules, if that is what would happen.
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    Note that neither star see's the other as approaching at 1.4 c due to the way velocities add in special relativity.

    What would happen is that they would collide and turn into a black hole.
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    Hmm... I guess that upon contact, they would be nearly in the event horizon....

    What about if they were insufficiently massive to do so, e.g. 1 solar mass each and the same radius as before?
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