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Homework Help: Nevilles Method for approximation

  1. Dec 11, 2005 #1
    basically, i don't get it at all.
    i understand that

    x0 P0
    x1 P1 P012
    x2 P2

    let's approximate f(x) where x is some number.

    i have some Pi given and a Pi(i+1) and Pi(i+1)(i+2)
    i also have the xi
    i don't know what f(x) is, some unknown function.
    how do i find the Pi(i+1)(i+2)?

    one question i have is to fill the table.
    i have another question where i'm supposed to approximate
    [itex] \sqrt{3} [/itex] by using [itex] f(x) = 3^x [/itex] and i have values for x0 through x4, so being able to build that table and i'll be able to do that no problem right?

    what i have done so far:
    nothing, i don't know how to build the table. alls i want help with is table building please.
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  3. Dec 11, 2005 #2

    i figured out how to make the table by interpolating tables given.
    thanks anyways.
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