New Casio fx-83ES, can't do 10^x!

  1. If I try to do 1+ 10^3.9, for example, I just get 'syntax error'. Argh!

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  3. If you are getting a syntax error, more than likely you are entering the commands to perform 1+10^3.9 incorrectly.

    Tell us exactly which keystrokes you are pressing one at a time.

    Edit: Or you can try to figure out what you are doing wrong in the manual. Glancing at it, it looks like pages E-13 and E-14 explain how to perform exponents on your calculator.
  4. I figured out what I was doing wrong- in my old calculator, I could just press, for example [10^x][5], but on this new calculator, you need to press [shift][log].

    Still not sure what the difference is, but it does what I need it to do, so I'm happy now. Thanks for your help :)
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