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Calculators How to calculate Matrix rank in a Casio fx-9750GA plus

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    Hi, I have a graphic calculator Casio fx-9750GA plus, and I'm trying to calculate Rank, I'm not sure that this model have this function and, if it have, I'm not finding it.

    Anyone knows if it have and how do I get there?

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    Rank for a matrix?
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    Yes, for a matrix...
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    I was looking for a way to use the function Rank in my calculator.
    I search the manual hoping find something but I don't.
    Is there a way of using this function in the model I have?

    thx for the help!
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    I looked in the online manual and did not see rank or any thing close. If you do not need much speed or accuracy it would be trivial to implement a program to compute rank.
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    Thanks for helping me.
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