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New free PF App for Android phones or iPhone/iPad! devices

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    Try the new free PF App for Android phones or iPhone/iPad! devices. Please kindly rate and review them. Kindle app will be out later this week!

    This seems different from existing thread which concerns only I-phones. I have an I-pad, not I-phone.

    Question: is this app something different from the one you plugged earlier which was not free? That one cost all of $2 and as times are hard I held out for quite some time before getting it. It was part of something called 'Tapatalk' which seemed to service a large number of other forums for hobbies and stuff.

    It was natty to have an icon on screen instead of scrolling or searching for PF. Other than that I can't say I saw any point or advantage in it. Like most journal access, via an app seems to give you, if anything, less than going via Safari or other accesses. Mostly I finished on a screen no different from usual access, there was an alternative that was no great improvement, e.g. formulae unreadable till you went into the 'web version'.

    Maybe I missed the point of it?

    Maybe there are different advantages for I-phone than I-pad users?
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    It is basically an unbranded and exclusive version of TapaTalk with a few minor added features. If you like using the old version that is connected to their entire network, by all means stay with it, it will continue to work.

    The PF App is a bit more convenient than the network app, because it is exclusively for PF. In the future there will be more exclusive features than the network App. The PF App is also free! Tapatalk network is not. Yes math doesn't work yet, but I'm hoping it will be added later on. The PF App is optimized for mobile browsing. The PF mobile skin is missing many feaures and is looking outdated. The PF web skin is not at all optimized for mobile browsing and lot of screen resizing and moving must be done to use.

    The web world is changing very quickly. Already PF has shifted 15-20% of it's visitors to mobile devices. That is flippin huge! We needed to respond and give an adequate option for mobile browsing. Apps are also the future. It's not enough to have a "good enough" mobile skin. We needed to get a foothold in the App world and now we are. PF will embrace the future, is looking towards the future, and won't be left behind by the future! :smile:
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