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New iPhone Technology Prevents Capturing Live Events

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    Are they going to shoot themselves into the foot by doing so ?



    Apparently it would also require organizers to have those infra-red sensors installed at their event venue however other phone users would still be able to take videos of the event. Pointless technology :tongue2:
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    If the system is infrared-based, that means all you need to do is block the infrared transmitter on the phone with a piece of tape and you've defeated the system.

    Seems like a futile technology to me,
    • It only blocks iPhones
    • Easily defeated
    • The video recording quality in low light is so abysmal anyway I don't see why it's necessary...
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    Read this a while back. People will take other forms of image capturing/video capturing hardware.
    One of my favourites bands love people taking media of them, they have said so themselves, it can promote there material for one.
    If this does go ahead, think I read itl be a few years yet, the jailbreaking cominuty will no doubt sort something out.
    Will people boycott Apple, will there device not be the no1 media capturing device anymore.
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