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New Job!

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    Hey kids!

    Just checking in, the new house doesn't have a landline yet (bloody BT) so I'm dialling up on a 14.4k mobile modem. I kid ye not. It's taken 9 minutes just to load PF, so I'm not gonna waste time. Oh well, maybe just a little bit....

    The new house is cool:
    Good things: Brand new house, everything's clean, all stuff moved in, digital TV, my own bathroom.
    Bad things: No landline = no interweb. Electric oven chargrills everything you put in it. Not worked out how to use hot water boiler yet. Got new oven gloves today.

    The new job is cool:
    Not done all that much yet, except for inductiony stuff. Did some crazy vibration things with some pipes, and tried to work out why some cams had failed. Learnt how to use a big scary vibrationy tester machine. The work hours are amazing; I can watch 2 whole episodes of ChuckleVision in the mornings before I set off, and get back home after work in time for Neighbours (which is incidentally an anagram of Erinsbrough). It's my perfect job; I get to wear a shirt and trousers all day, yet occasionally need safety goggles, ear defenders and a visi vest! Yay!

    Getting sent to the Dirty South next week to meet up with all the other graduates, and live in a house full of hot finance chicks, wahoo! Maybe.

    Discovered 2 new words to add to my list of "naughty words which engineers can get away with saying" today, if Evo would care to find and edit my thread since I don't have the patience:

    Bonk test


    Catch you all in either a few weeks when I have some interweb, or whenever I can steal some off someone. Be good! xx

    Ooooooh and also, in case nobody's posted about it yet, The Great North England PF Meet was amazing! It might have had something to do with us being hammered and watching The Pixies together, but I reckon it was just cos we (me, matthyoueoiuw and sticky icky) all rock ass. Hooray!
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    That it was, even though I wasn't hammered :P I'll be posting the pictures once I develop the film :biggrin:
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    Sounds great Brewnog! Glad to hear everything is running smoothly for you. Your job sounds great.
    How cool is the fact you all got to meet in person? matthyaouw make a trip to the photoshop ..post-hast!
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    Brewnog, so glad to hear the new job is going well, as well as everything in your new home! Not so good you don't have any proper internet access (I'm still dialing in to my former university, so know how you feel there...it's very slow, but fortunately I have one-rate long-distance calling, so I won't be cringing at the bill).

    It sounds like you're getting to play with some amazingly cool "toys." :biggrin: And I definitely understand the love of a job that lets you dress up and look professional and then still go play in dirt once in a while. Best of luck with everything.
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    Hey Brew, good to hear your settling in. Best wishes! These days its nice to get good news.

    BT - didn't they privatize and wasn't that the solution to all your telecom worries? :biggrin:
    so they claim. :biggrin:

    Ostensibly - imposed forces exceeded the strength of the material, or is this an tribology issue?

    Don't forget - moving things sing! Acoustic emissions. Know how the parts and machines sing - when they are designed and working properly. Seriously! The song changes just before failure.
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    Good luck! :smile:
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    Cool and congrats, hope to see you back soon.
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    A bonk test must be a rap test. Modal analysis in his first week. Sniff....sniff.....our little fella is growing up so fast.....sniff......

    I'll wait for the first post after he gets his first paycheck.

    It's awesome when there are so many exciting things happening all around you.

    Keep us posted Brews.
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    "sniff" hands Fred a tissue...We're just so proud of that young man...."sniffs"
  11. Sep 2, 2005 #10
    You're the second brit to tell me of logon problems due to moving, in two days. Actually, I'm sure the first guy doesn't mind if I post his frustrations, and hell, since he can't log on anyway, it's not like he'll ever know!! Bwah-hah!! Maybe you'll find misery in company.

    Congrats on the new job!
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