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Homework Help: Newton-Raphson Formula question

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    Find the smallest positive root of the equation x^4 + x^2 - 80= 0 correct to two decimal places. Use the Newton-Raphson process.

    How would I go about finding the smallest positive root? What I was thinking is using x = 3 as x = 3 is the largest number that would be close to 0 (for the equation), then finding an approximation for that, is that correct?

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    1) Independent of the question asked, can you see that the equation is trivially solvable exactly analytically (no need for Newton-Raphson)?

    2) For a numeric solution, a start value of 3 looks fine. I assume (hope) you know how to apply Newton-Raphson from there.
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    I'm perfectly aware it is solvable from that form, and I do know how to apply Newton-Raphson. Thanks.
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