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Non-abelian Local Gauge Invariance in Field Theories

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    These are notes I made when I was studying the subject 20 years ago. They seem fine considering that I was student then. I believe they can be useful for those who are studying Yang-Mills and other related material.


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    Thanks, Sam!
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    nice,but looks some tough as it starts with non abelian lie group directly!
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    Some corrections:
    The notes were originally made using Math-Type, then converted to LaTex. This caused some problems with the references to equations numbers. I corrected most of them but missed the followings:

    1) on page 7, the sentence before Eq(3.20) should say "using [itex]Eq(3.1)[/itex] and [itex]Eq(3.19)[/itex]"
    2) on page 9 the sentence after Eq(3.35) should read "Adding [itex]Eq(3.34)[/itex] to [itex]Eq(3.35)[/itex]".
    3) on page 10 again you see a reference to [itex]Eq(10)[/itex], this should changed to [itex]Eq(3.1)[/itex].
    4) on page 11 reference to [itex]Eq(59)[/itex] is made. The correct equation number is [itex]Eq(4.13)[/itex].
    I think that is all. Please do tell me if you find some more of these.

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    but how its start?
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