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Non-homogenous secx ODE's and Euler eq's

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    Suppose we have Asec(x) on the right hand side in a non-homogenous ODE and in a Euler equation. How do we solve it? ( I know how to solve for cos and sin on the right hand side but not for any other trig function).
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    For non-homogeneous ordinary differential equations, i was taught that you always had to use the method of annihilators if the right hand side was either cos(x), sin(x), exp(x), a polynomial function or the product and sum of any of these functions. For functions like sec(x)=1/cos(x) the annihilator method wont work, and therefore you will need to use the variation of parameters method to solve your differential equation.

    It's how i was taught, so i don't know if there is another method out there that could be used.
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