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Noob topic, midterm this Tuesday.

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    This Tuesday, I am going to walk into my class and take the first test this semester, which also happens to be my midterm.

    I'm taking Physics 204 - Mechanics and it's pretty much kicking my butt ha ha.

    The teacher has told us that a "cheat sheet" will be allowed STRICTLY for equations ONLY. No words, nothing but ax or vx or stuff like that. No examples, just equations.

    There's no length to this sheet, we can take a dictionary of equations if we want.

    What would some of you put on it? So far I can only think of the 4 Kinematic Equations.

    If you all think of anything else, let me know. I'd love some feedback! Thanks for reading!

    - D
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    I don't see how we can help you here. Firstly we don't know what your syllabus covers, though we do know more or less what is expected of a student in an into mechanics course. For exameple, for my intro mechanics class, certain topics such as gyroscope precession were omitted. Furthermore, this is a mid term test so it's even less evident to us which topics would be examined since you haven't finished the syllabus yet.

    The best way to decide which equations are important to memorise and which to copy is to look through your notes and see which ones are key to understanding the basic concepts of mechanics. Other than that, I can't give you any more advice.
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    It's pretty much going to be real basic problem solving questions.

    I was just wondering if there was someone who happened to be in the same dilemma as me and could relate to what I was asking.

    I know it's pretty hard to know what I've covered because you're not really in my course, but I'm just scarred that I was missing something else.
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    Make sure you can do the problems on the homework by understanding them, not blindly applying equations. OK, that may be a bit late for this test (I've certainly done that for my organic chemistry tests - amazingly I passed!). But you can at least use the homework to gauge what equations to put on your cheat sheet.
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    is this calc based physics?
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