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Newbie, newb, noob, or nub is a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in a profession or activity. Contemporary use can particularly refer to a beginner or new user of computers, often concerning Internet activity, such as online gaming or Linux use. Depending on the context and spelling variant used, the term can have derogatory connotations (and be used as a term of abuse in Internet-based games)—but is also often used for descriptive purposes only, without any value judgment.
The origin of this term is uncertain. Earliest uses probably date to late twentieth century United States Armed Forces jargon, though possible precursor terms are much earlier. Variant forms of the noun include newby and newbee, while the related term noob (often stylized as "n00b") is often used in online gaming.

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  1. M

    I want to learn particle physics

    How did you find PF?: Google Search I am in 8th grade and 10 hours a day free time and i am highly motivated to learn some particle physics. What should i start with?
  2. D

    Studying Just another lost undergrad noob fishing for advice

    My apologies if I'm doing this wrong, or posting this in the wrong place. Very new here. So anyway, I'm a sophomore physics major at tOSU and BOY OH BOY am I lost. I'm a high school drop out, and when I dropped out, I realized I liked physics and needed to know math to get to physics. I spent...
  3. P

    Exploring the Foundations of Physics: A Quest for Understanding

    Hi, My name is Chris and I am not native english speaker. I am studying computer science and one of the classes at the first year was called philosophy. The lecturer taught us about philosophy of maths and physics. And that's why I've become interested in this topic. The reason why I've created...
  4. benorin

    B How do physicists know that the past is immutable?

    I was watching a Science Channel show on time travel (though I don't recall the title) and in this show (I hope I get this right from memory, correct me if need be) they stated without proof that 'if something happened in the past is must have always have happened that way', and when they posit...
  5. S

    What gauge wire to use? noob circuits

    2 sets of 6x LED strips, each 12v 8.1a 97.2W, powered by a single cv 240W PSU, in parallel. The 2 sets are split at the PSU end, each set getting 120W separately. Schematic below, What I don't know is what gauge wire to use at points A and B? Can you please explain what should be used and why...
  6. Anugrah_kora

    Noob in the field -- problems making a solenoid....

    Hello. Me and my friends planned to make a solenoid. We used 22 gauge insulated wire and we used an old laptop charger (19v 3.3A) as the power supply. Earlier we used a power supply of 1A and it wasn't enough. When we connected everything and switched on,we saw the solenoid behaving weirdly . We...
  7. cbeckelhymer

    B Noob with some questions on Modeling Earth

    as i mentioned I am a huge noob in the reals of math and physics, but if anyone can explain things to me as a noob that would be awesome. magnetism had always fascinated me so i think that's where i want to dive into. i am curious about experiments or ideas on a model of the earth, and inert...
  8. F

    B Very basic noob question about integers

    hi all so this is a very basic question i think and i feel very bad for tumbling here but still i need to clear this, so from childhood i was taught that the negative numbers are less than positive but now when i am studying limits and functions i came across absolute function and it said |-x| =...
  9. J

    I Where do the missing minutes in a live feed from a spaceship to Mars go?

    Hi, I've just discovered this site, and I'm hoping someone can give a lay answer to the following question: Imagine I'm watching a constant live feed from a camera on a spaceship that's next to me, and this spaceship then takes off to Mars. When the spaceship reaches Mars, the video feed that...
  10. adeterminednoob

    Trigerins a tablet power button inderectly by applying?

    Im a pc guy for sure... I know none of the jargon, and quite frankly I fee dumb being around pros lol... here my dilema... I have a Huawei tablet mediapad 7 youth... some how my daughter groke the power button and depite the cheapness of this thing... ESPECIALLY obtaining the replacement piece...
  11. awholenumber

    Few noob questions and numerical methods help....

    i was trying to work with few problems for my computer oriented numerical method ...which i had in college ... i am not in college anymore ... but i failed that subject ... i am trying to improve this maths field as much as i possibly can , because its a difficult subject for me ... let met...
  12. Alejandro Golob

    Industrial Computed Tomography: A Data Analyst's Perspective

    Good day all, I've been a lurker for years but for some reason never joined despite often finding helpful advice and explanations on the forums. Glad to finally be joining and hoping to provide some helpful insights to others in the admittedly few areas where I have the facility. And of...
  13. SteveManPhy076

    What's Next for Science and the Future of Our World?

    I'm turning 15 soon, and am a freshmen in high school. My passion is, and always will be science. I love physics immensely. I consider all scientists heroes and I think our future lies within the stars.
  14. T

    What is the Encoding Scheme for this Code?

    Hey, I recently received a message from one of my friends. He's a real joker, thinks it's funny to send my pieces of code. This one had me stumped; from the little, and I mean very little, I know about code, this looks like base64 does it not? H05LekhYaNE3Y7Movd47Y0KYHnuX/srs/V0pEk22bl8= But I...
  15. J

    What are some common myths about physics and science?

    I've joined this forum as a layperson who probably believes in more myths about physics and science in general than are good for ones health. Ive always got a lot of questions obvs but 5/10 times when i search on google this place comes up so i thought post my conundrums straight onto Look...
  16. C

    Interested in Theoretical Design? Join the Discussion on Physics!

    Hey guys. First I would like to say, I am joining this forum simply to discuss theoretical design. I know the basics when it comes to physics however if you see me post anything, its typically off the top of my head from a world of imagination. I've always been one for theory, and making it...
  17. O

    Physics noob, can someone explain this?

    Read this on a recent AskScience thread on reddit: "Theoretically, if you kept pressing your finger against the table enough times, at some point the assembly of atoms in the table and your finger will be aligned so that your finger would go through the table. It'd then be stuck, but that's...
  18. W

    Relativity: Noob Ques. - Why Do People on Earth Seem Stationary?

    Something sparked my interest yesterday, so I started watching videos and reading about relativity. (This seems to happen every year or so.) I get hung up on the same thing every time! Many discussions I've seen use the example of an astronaut that takes a trip into space for 10 years or so and...
  19. W

    Variables & Dimensions (total noob)

    So, I have some questions regarding 'dimensions' and 'parameters' in physics. (there are differences in the meaning between physics and mathematics, as far as I understand it) ---- As far as I understand it, we live in a 4-dimensional world, consisting of 3 space and 1 time dimensions. Yet we...
  20. C

    Physical meaning of a wave packet w/ respect to HUP&duality

    I'm a QM noob/newb trying to understand the physical implication of a wave packet, in my mind it is something like this: On the x-axis there is displacement (vibration), probability on the y. I Imagine stretching and compressing the wave packet. When I stretch it out, the amplitude must...
  21. T

    Studying Where Can I Find Introductory Physics E-books for Kindle?

    I hope to pursue a future in physics one-day, and my friend who has left the state to study left me a list of things to study that would help. Anyone know where I can find books that aren't too over the top with what I'm about to list. I know that Quantum and String are advanced, so I was...
  22. C

    Noob to mechanical engineering - how do I find the part I need

    I build things. I need mechanical parts from time to time, and I always have trouble finding the parts I need because I don't have a vocabulary from the mechanical engineering world - I hope to acquire the language by living in the forum for a while (and thinks in advance to anyone who can...
  23. J

    Noob: conversion rates question

    Hello! I have a question for the chemists out there. Every chemistry book in the world seems to offer a question that runs something like this: A flask contains X mol of SO2 and Y mol of O2 after equilibrium is reached, how much SO3 will there be? Strangely, I can actually answer that...
  24. S

    Help a science noob: What is a meson?

    Hello, first post. I am trying to understand what a meson is. I have googled this and looked at both the wiki page and several intro physics presentations, but the concept is eluding me. Could someone please explain what a meson is? Thanks, sciencenoob
  25. G

    Synthesis of aspirin, confused noob

    Hi, Take a look at this synthesis of aspirin. Because I am noob, please bare with me. On the top there you can see how the acetic anhydride gets attacked by the H plus ion. I can't understand why the h plus ion gets bonded there. I`ve been trying to find the answer to this question for...
  26. A

    Need Help with My First Electrical Invention - Pressure Sensor Activation Device

    Noob inventor needs help! So in college I invented and marketed a simple device, and one of the doctors who promoted my idea called me and now I'm producing a product that he wants. I'm working alone and I just graduated so I need some help! Basically, my device involves having to turn on a...
  27. W

    Basic Hydrogen/gravity/thermodynamics question from a noob.

    What altitude should a weight drop from to produce enough energy to electrolyse the hydrogen needed to lift it? Please keep it simple, i just want to know if it would work in theory.
  28. L

    Another double slit question - noob

    another double slit question - noob :( Hi guys, I never officially studied physics so my knowledge on the topic is limited. My understanding of quantum physics in relation to the double slit experiment is the following: When you only observe the end result of light, it appears as if it...
  29. T

    Are These Math Textbook Recommendations On Point?

    This recommendation for books in different subjects I've got recommended from this forum and other resources: Precalculus: Basic mathematics by lang Principles of Mathematics by Carl Barnett, Allendoerfer Books by Gelfand Proof and foundation: How to Prove It: A Structured Approach Daniel J...
  30. B

    Heisenberg uncertainty for noob

    Hey guys, I saw a joke about this in the jokes thread. So I went to see what it is exactly. But the thing is I didn't understand it fully. Could anyone please simplify and comprehend to me? Also I saw that it's only for particles. What is the importance of this theory. I hope non complicated...
  31. C

    How to gain an understanding of the Schrodinger equation for a noob

    Should I start by learning about the equations for classical harmonic waves and how the de Brolier equations can be applied to them? What else should I learn? I'm a chemistry student and we did a class on quantum chemistry, but the mathematical side of it was way too complicated for me so I just...
  32. E

    Beginner's Guide to Quantum Mechanics

    hello every one,i m an engineering students..these days,after reading about Mr.Heisenberg,i m really intrusted in quantum mechanics and its physics..i want to start from very basics..can anyone please guide me..
  33. Hercuflea

    Java Java noob - help setting up eclipse

    Hello and thank you for putting up with this noob question. The directions on the website or anything I have found on the internet are not very descriptive. I have downloaded Eclipse and Java JDK version 7 and successfully installed both of the applications on my computer, but I must have...
  34. S

    C# C# noob with a little problem here

    Hi, so I have this code: namespace Program1 { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Is the numer less than 10?"); int numero = Console.Read(); if (numero < 10) {...
  35. D

    Noob here Order from Disorder

    I am convinced that order must come from disorder. If there is something to be disordered, then if there is nothing constraining things to become ordered, then it seems axiomatic that some order eventually arises. Specifically, with regard to the formation of the Observable universe from a...
  36. K

    [noob] simple parity violation

    hi, I'm studying parity violation in particle physics.. I have this decay: 1+ ---> 0+ + 0+ in J^P notation. Why this process violate parity? All terms have positive parity. The parity of the products is just (+1)*(+1)*(-1)^l, so this means that the two scalar particles...
  37. G

    Some noob questions on wiring LEDs, current, etc.

    I'm making a wearable project that involves me wiring up about 16 LEDs into a piece of clothing. Unfortunately, it's been many a year since I took a physics course and I'm a little rusty on things. Here's my situation: The LEDs drop about 2V each, and are meant to be used with a current of...
  38. M

    NOOB QUESTION: What kind of resistor do I need?

    First off.. this is my first attempt playing with this kind of stuff.. please have a bit of patience with me :) I'm looking to make a costume out of LEDs for burningman.. bought a 1000 of them off ebay and when I connect them the 9V battery I'm guessing is too strong for it and burns the...
  39. K

    Noob Integral Question, Indeterminate form of ?

    Hi I need INTegral from 0 to ∞ of : x*e^(-x) dx I use IBP: u = x, du = dx dv = e^(-x) dx, v = -e^(-x) uv - ∫v du = -x*e^(-x) - ∫ -e^(-x) dx I am trying to evaluate the uv term : -x*e^(-x) from 0 to ∞ for the ∞ term of -x*e^(-x) = -inf * 1/e^(inf) = -inf * 1/inf = 1 OR -inf *...
  40. H

    Noob question about relativity

    Hi, I'm not a physicist and my idea of relativity is limited by wiki... but I have one question... If I sit with my friend in a car and the car starts accelerating. As the speed of car approaches the speed of light, what's the relative speed of me to my friend?
  41. M

    Noob time-space thought problem

    this one bothers me - pls point out the flaw in my reasoning: Time-space may be called a 'fabric', and may be depicted as a 2D 'sheet'. An object with mass deforms the sheet. If i were to grab one edge of this 'inelastic sheet' and pull it 1 cm, would the movement would be...
  42. S

    Noob needs help designing a simple on/off timing circuit

    I am a good DIYer, so I know I have the skills to solder a circuit together, but I can't design anything! Hoping a kind soul here can shed some light. I have a space heater that is being used to heat a very small space, and the problem is that on its lowest setting once the area comes up to...
  43. N

    Noob to PF, Quantum Foam question triangles?

    Hi I am a noob on here, first post. Not a physicist by any stretch, but am researching the quantum mind and a while ago came across a paper that proposed that the quantum foam (if that is the correct term, maybe spacetime?) was geometrically just a bunch of triangles. If anyone can post a link...
  44. W

    Noob question about lorentz factor

    Hello So i saw this video on youtube explaining some basics of general relativity and they used example with 2 rockets moving paralelly with laser pointed from rocket A to mirror on rocket B. Heres my picture of it :D Where we are stationary observer watching those two rockets A and B...
  45. S

    Noob question re Python on Windows PC

    Hi I want to start learning Python and am a little nervous about installing it (from www.python.org) and running it on my main Windows Vista PC. I have scary memories from previous programming experience over 20 years ago of it being possible to corrupt important files or bits of memory by...
  46. HenryKhais

    Question about 30:60:90 (noob)

    Im watching one of khan's videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwet4cIpnCM&feature=player_embedded#at=468 And he's using the pythagorean theorem to solve height of a 30-60-90 triangle. Prior to everything, I think I have a good understanding on how it all works, however, I still don't...
  47. G

    Another Noob MATLAB Question - For loop

    Homework Statement Use the primes function to create a list of all the primes below 100. Now use a for loop to multiply adjacent values together. For example the first 4 primes numbers are 2 3 5 7 your calculation would be 2*3 3*5 5*7 which gives 6 15 35 Homework...
  48. G

    Noob MATLAB Question - Importing Data

    Homework Statement Search the internet for some fun sound bytes to include in your programs. Two sources are http://www.wavcentral.com and http://www/wavsource.com . Import the sound byte and use it in an appropriate sport in your program. For example, end your program with Elmer Fudd...
  49. C

    Math noob + graphic design 3 point grid numbers equence

    First, my apologies ... my last math class back in high school, sophomore year geometry, many years ago. I am a graphic designer, but have discovered an interesting math problem and would like some help identifying what it is and how to better express and use it. Thanks for any help! And...
  50. S

    Programming a video camera for a noob

    Hello everyone, I have a basic (I think) question about how a consumer video camera is programmed to do what it does. The camera I have in mind is the Flip (may it rest in peace). Ok, so I'm aware of most of the parts that go into a video camera, such as the shell, controls, lens, sensor...