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News North Korea and its missile launches

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    North Korea's thrown its seventh missile in the air.


    None of them got very far.

    Heard that GWB has reassured the American people that there is not a threat.

    I thought this quite strange and thought - as there are a lot of US posters here - do the American people really need to be reassured that North Korea's missiles don't pose a threat to them?.
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    Why not? The DPRK puts on an air show, some people might think there's a real danger, so a politican goes on air to explain there's not. Quite ordinary.

    More relevant - why has the said politician been doing the exact opposite with Iraq, and now Iran? Trying to terrify the nation over non-existant threats?
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    The way I see it, if you make a deal about there being no threat. You're setting the game up for the future when there may be a threat. Thinking a bit more, it probably stems from the need to make the public think they're getting all the facts before (and if) a big event takes place.

    Following your second point, why waste the opportunity of quoting Hicks:
    edit: I can't believe the next two posts following this one:surprised :rofl: :surprised :rofl: :surprised
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    Fourth? How do you fit China, India, Pakistan, NK, SK and USA (and maybe Russia, Iran and Myanmar) in 3 spots?

    As for the OP, it is the expected (well if it's not true, it's not like he's going to tell the people to panic) thing to do. How much credibility it carries is another question - a large part of the population is not particularly likely to trust the words of this President.
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    UK, France, Israel, Greece, Turkey... I am sure are bigger than the Hare Krishnas
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    You can bet yor boots that the multiple missile launch by NK will give our missile defense system a boost in funding.
    http://usinfo.state.gov/xarchives/display.html?p=washfile-english&y=2006&m=June&x=20060621173431idybeekcm0.2920038 [Broken]

    After all North Korea is still a member of Bush's axis of evil. Although NK is not a great threat to the USA at this time, Japan and South Korea are not going to see things that way. And if the North Koreans ever get that longer range missile to function, the USA will be faced with a real problem.

    NK does have nukes and apparently a way to deliver them, add to that the mental instability of that little maniac who controls the country and we do have a global problem.
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    While I can't consider Kim Jong-il to be mentally stable by any means, he doesn't strike as suicidal either.
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    I would guess that crazy lil Kim has a bunker he thinks he can survive in.
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    And who can recognize the double standard, the USA the only country that actually used the atomic bomb, twice, telling other countries that developing weapons of mass destruction is a bad thing.
    No, only the USA, and of course Israel, since "Israel is our friend", ought to have them.
    Welcome to the ironic morality of the current US administration.
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    I don't see any evidence to suggest he is that naive.
  12. Jul 6, 2006 #11
    Hes trying to make North Korea a superpower, but in the process ticking off every country. It looks like to me he brought attention to himself to fast with these missiles, i dont think they have the military to back it up yet and also North Korea is a poor country, alot of people are starving over there. Hes just asking to be taken out.
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    That reminds me of this little guy at the local gym who has a kinda a crazy look in his eye and has been getting rather frisky with the speed bag lately. I suppose you'd say he is just asking for a good old-fashioned beat down as well, eh?
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    You are assuming i meant killed, and do you think what he is doing is right? I think hes the reason North Korea is where its at now.
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    Really? U.S. policy is that "Only USA and Israel may have WMD?" :rolleyes:

    I'm sure there are reasonable arguments for (and against) the position that there is a double standard. If you want to believe there's a double standard, at least base it on one of those, rather than the sort of inane rhetoric in the quote above. :frown: (Of course, it would be better to listen to the arguments and then form your opinion)

    Oh, and FYI, double standards aren't inherently bad things.
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  16. Jul 7, 2006 #15
    Pretty much.

    The only other countries who have them are either in Europe and then there is China and Israel.

    The US army is still in Europe 60 years after the war, can you believe it! The European countries simply have to follow the USA in everything, NATO is controlled by the USA.

    So there is no risk there and standing up against China is apparently not something they wish to risk.

    So who else got nukes? Well perhaps India got one and Russia but they are not a real players.
  17. Jul 7, 2006 #16
    I figure there would be a lot of people killed, unless you have a non-violent plan in mind when you suggested taking him out?
    As in testing missiles? I'd rather he didn't feel compelled to, but all the same I can understand why he is.
    How do you mean specifically, and are you speaking in comparison to where it was under his father?
  18. Jul 7, 2006 #17
    Well getting him out of office would most likly result in death, but not him which is what i meant. With the missile testing, i dont think he had any right shooting them where he did, certainly didnt have Japans promission. Where its at now by how hes exileing them from the other countrys by doing things like this, and he has to have play in the fact its a starving country.
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    Really? I didn't realize Europe was a colony of the US.

    (Incidentally, if you're interested, Wikipedia has a list of countries with nuclear weapons, and an article on the non-proliferation treaty)

    Okay, so you're saying US policy is "Only the US and Israel may have nukes... but we don't really mind if our puppets in France and Britain have them, nor do we mind if those irrelevant countries (Russia, India, Pakistan) have them. But by golly, we need to keep them out of Kim's hands!"?

    (er wait... why again is it a bad thing that don't like Kim having nukes?)
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    Well the way i think of it as, we are at a point where we are trying to get rid of nukes. To have them start pressureing it and when we told them to stop enriching urainum for them to keep on doing it, and now firing missiles into Japan's sea without warning or permission, it makes you wonder what they are up to and why they are trying so hard to get nukes, i dont think they are under threat by any country are they? Are they planing on useing these nukes there trying to create? Or are they just trying to become a superpower? If they are, there going about the wrong way of doing it.
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  21. Jul 8, 2006 #20
    North Korea is just digging a deeper and deeper hole...
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